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Clarify function of global versus product-level “email tickets” options

The global “email tickets” setting is confusing, because the logic behind it sends tickets if EITHER the global setting or the product-level setting is “yes”. That in effect renders the product-level setting useless if it is globally set to “yes”. And vice-versa.

I found our site sending ticket emails when we had the global setting set to “no”. And since we didn’t expect emails to be sent, we hadn’t set up proper templates so customers got malformed emails.

I had assumed that global setting was like a master control which would disable emails at the plugin level. I think if you look at similar controls in other plugins, and even elsewhere in WooCommerce itself or WP Core, settings at this level take priority over post- or product-level settings. To me, the way it works now is almost backwards.

I would think something like this:
Global: no, product: no — don’t send the email
Global: no, product: yes — don’t send the email
Global: yes, product: yes — send the email
Global: yes, product: no — don’t send the email

At the very least is should come with a description explaining how it works.


Current Status


Last updated: January 15, 2022


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