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by  Woo
Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace


On panel the settings for commissions say as under :

Set the Percentage/Fixed amount that Seller will receive from Platform. It is quite strange as it is Platform who earns Commissions from Seller, why the other way round. This wrong way puts pressure on Platform do do a reverse calculation for each product/vendor.

Your settings asks us like this
Product $100
Platform gives commission to Seller 90% or $90 (Percentage/Fixed)

Correct me if wrong.

You guys need to sort this as under :

Platform sets the Fixed/Percentage commission that they will receive from the Seller (easy on mind).

It should work like this

Product $100
Platform gets commission from Seller 10% or $10 (Percentage/Fixed)


Current Status


Last updated: August 4, 2020


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