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WooCommerce One Page Checkout

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Create special pages where customers can choose products, checkout & pay all on the one page.

Compatability with Dynamic Pricing to show discounts on One Page Checkout

Dynamics Pricing and One Page Checkout are two plugins that pair very well for a Wholesale store. However there is one critical compatibility issue.

One Page Checkout does not clearly show that the price has been discounted when the discount criteria set in Dynamic Pricing has been met.

I offer a 5% discount on kites if the customer purchases 5 or more kites. Kites are $100 each.
A customer purchases 5 kites for a total of $500 and is discounted $25 (i.e. 5%).
One Page Checkout currently shows ONLY the total as $475.
It SHOULD show the $500 total with a strikethrough and the $475 price next to it as the discounted price, just like it’s done on every other normal page including the regular cart page.

Additionally, it would be nice to also have a “Total Savings” somewhere in the Cart that combines the savings of all discounted items selected. This is just to help the customer easily see how much they are saving by buying bulk.


Current Status


Last updated: September 19, 2020


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