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Affiliate For WooCommerce

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Create Restful API to create and manage Affiliates

Extend the following: Create a restful API to allow for the creation and management of affiliates. This includes getting the data of who needs to be paid which amount as well as being able to set that it has been paid via the API.

To create a RESTful API for managing affiliates and their payments, you would typically define several endpoints to handle different actions. Below, I’ll outline a basic structure for such an API:

1. **Endpoint for Creating Affiliates**:
– `POST /affiliates`
– This endpoint allows creating a new affiliate with relevant information such as name, contact details, payment method, etc.

2. **Endpoint for Retrieving Affiliates**:
– `GET /affiliates`
– Retrieves a list of all affiliates.

3. **Endpoint for Retrieving a Specific Affiliate**:
– `GET /affiliates/{affiliate_id}`
– Retrieves details of a specific affiliate identified by `affiliate_id`.

4. **Endpoint for Updating Affiliate Information**:
– `PUT /affiliates/{affiliate_id}`
– Allows updating affiliate details such as contact information, payment method, etc.

5. **Endpoint for Deleting an Affiliate**:
– `DELETE /affiliates/{affiliate_id}`
– Deletes the specified affiliate.

6. **Endpoint for Recording Payments**:
– `POST /affiliates/{affiliate_id}/payments`
– This endpoint allows recording payments made to affiliates. It could include details such as the amount paid, date of payment, payment method, etc.

7. **Endpoint for Retrieving Payment Information**:
– `GET /affiliates/{affiliate_id}/payments`
– Retrieves a list of payments made to a specific affiliate.

8. **Endpoint for Updating Payment Status**:
– `PUT /affiliates/{affiliate_id}/payments/{payment_id}`
– Allows updating the payment status (e.g., marking as paid) for a specific payment.

With these endpoints, you can effectively create, retrieve, update, and delete affiliate records, as well as manage their payments. Remember to implement proper authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure your API. Additionally, consider input validation and error handling to ensure the reliability and security of your service.



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