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Make an Offer for WooCommerce

Make an Offer for WooCommerce adds Make-an-Offer buttons to shop and product pages, allowing customers to negotiate purchase prices.

Does make offer plugin support deposit payment


We are using a depsoit payment plugin which splits a total order amount to two separate payments (if customer wants use deposit feature). When deposit payment is selected by customer, and customer adds a product(s) to cart, then on cart page should be visible the following components: Deposit amount (pay now), future amount (pay later) and total amount (deposit + future) + shipping /taxes etc. We tested an other offer- plugin but it did nit work because it ingnored totally order split made by deposit payment plugin and that is why on product page only total amount (one payment) was visible, same on check out page. Can your plugin manage deposit payment?



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Last updated: March 22, 2023


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