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Automatically contact customers after purchase - be it everyone, your most loyal or your biggest spenders - and keep your store top-of-mind.

Enhancement: `my-subscriptions` endpoint visibility

Right now there are 3 endpoints:

You have the option to show `email-preferences` from My Account, under the Settings. This section is confusingly called “Email Subscriptions” even though it uses the `email-preferences` endpoint. This section contains any mailing lists you’ve signed up for and lets you remove yourself from them.

`email-subscriptions`, on the other hand, will show all the email subscriptions you signed up for when you made a purchase. You’ll see the Order associated with the subscription and you can unsubscribe from that list.

I think we should move everything to one preferences page for users where you can see all of this from one place. I’m also not sure why it matters to have an Order linked to a newsletter? I would remove that part.


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Last updated: January 1, 2018


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