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Make an Offer for WooCommerce

Make an Offer for WooCommerce adds Make-an-Offer buttons to shop and product pages, allowing customers to negotiate purchase prices.

Multivendor Compatibility, akin to Dokan

Enhancement Proposal for Multivendor Platform Usability:

– Implement a time-limited (hours and days) offer feature for buyers, with a default duration of 3 days.
– Enable sellers to exclusively view and manage all offers, including the ability to accept or reject even the lowest-priced offer.
– Allow buyers to provide an explanation (optional) for their offered price during the negotiation process.
– Facilitate private communication channels for both sellers and buyers to engage in confidential chats.
– Introduce a hidden reserve price option for sellers; if the buyer’s offer meets or exceeds this defined price, the offer is automatically accepted.
– Offer the ability to conceal the price field for increased negotiation flexibility and privacy.



Current Status


Last updated: December 11, 2023


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