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native Woo product csv file synchronization

Following on from my “Enable simple / variable products / product variation creation and deletion via the product csv file” request…

I think it very sad that there is no native Woo facility for periodically importing of the WooCommerce product csv file.

Every single Google Sheet / product import plugin that I have tried has severe failings / limitations. The only useful one does not have many meta fields, so I am unable to add data such as Download 1 Name, Download 1 URL) etc.

Neither can I hide or move columns.

Being able to sync the import of a csv file stored in a folder within the WordPress folders or on another server would make such an amazing difference to workflow and productivity.

This would also allow the editing of a csv using a tablet or smartphone.

Having number of different csv files (one per category for example) all in the same remote folder would really increase productivity.

Come on Woo developers, lets see this as a priority!



Current Status


Last updated: February 13, 2024


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