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Order number on bank statement

I am using Woopayments in connection with Germanized, and find it hard to identify a sale from the bank statement. On the Bank Statement it says: “Woopayments D8Z3P7”, in the payments section in WordPress it says “Transaction ID txn_3P4GYD2EAuwf8azd0a…”. Neither in WordPress nor on the bank statement there is a reference to the order number, invoice number (from Germanized), the customer or the product.
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I have to go from lexoffice to WordPress -> Woopayments -> Transactions. There I have to figure out which order is connected with Woopayments D8Z3P7 to find out the invoice number. This is a multistep task for our accountant to login in WordPress and lexoffice and search for the relevant sale.

It would be much easier to see the invoice number or the Woocommerce order number on the bank statement.




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Last updated: April 24, 2024


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