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Price formatter returning different price, compared to woocommerce

See Images.

My issue is the extra ($0.01) on the end of my pricing. This is a problem when I am doing my accounting at the end of the financial year.

My product price has many decimals because it is inputted pre-tax. +10% GST is calculated afterwards.

The default woocommerce calculates it correctly.
604.5454545454545 = $665 on front end and on product page
When I put the same value into your plugin, I get an extra ($0.01) on the end of it.

Your plugin returns something different than the default woocommerce price formatter function does.

Please update the plugin to use the same formula/calculation woocommerce does and I wouldn’t get this issue with the extra ($0.01) on the end.




Current Status


Last updated: April 17, 2023


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