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Price Calculator for WooCommerce

Add measurement-based price calculators to let your customers calculate product price in real-time by entering their required size.

Printing prices


I am looking for a calculator where i can have the customer create printing prices for promotional products like pens, mugs, shirts etc.

For example.
I would like to offer a mug.
The mug costs 1 euro purchasing.

The customer would like to have it printed.
We can offer a 4 color print, the customers logo is in 2 colors.
Printing in two colors costs us 25 euro setup costs and 1,50 per print, at 100 pieces.

So the costs would be
100 x 1 euro for the mug = 100 euro
1 x 25 euro setup charges = 25 euro
100 x 1,50 printing charges = 150 euro
Total costs would be 275 euro purchasing for the product.

I would like to have a system where we can say, 100 pieces of this product would be a 1.6 (or whatever margin) margin so on the front end the pricing would be 275 x 1.6 = 440 euro selling price.

Is that something you can do?
Or could we create that?




Current Status


Last updated: January 25, 2023


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