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Product Vendors – VAT number on Vendor registration form and profile page

Hi there,

Please put an option or extra field in the Vendor registration field and/or profile page/ or in store settings page.

It is necessary to put a field for the VAT number in the vendor registration field, a required field, or in the store settings page! Or the option to set it as required somewhere (registration field, store settings etc). In my country when we work with vendors, we need a VAT number, so that our administration will be fluent and without inconsistencies.

I believe other countries have this too. So why is there no VAT number field anywhere in Product Vendors? Seems to me a very important thing when doing business with vendors.

Please support this idea so this will be featured in the upcoming update šŸ™‚

Kind regards, Natasja


Current Status


Last updated: October 7, 2019


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