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Remove duplicate content from pagination pages using shortcode [products]

Usually, in addition to the shortcode [products] on the page, we place seo text with keywords to improve the site’s position in the Google search engine.

If we have several pagination pages (possibly several dozen), then on each pagination page there is DUPLICATE CONTENT (seo text). This is a huge problem for a website to rank well.

I propose to add an attribute that will remove everything from the content part of pagination pages except the data of the shortcode itself, tag H1, breadcrumbs.

I understand that there may be other elements besides text. Therefore, those who have pages with many other elements – forms, galleries – may not use this attribute. Complex cases can be improved with the help of a programmer.

You can approach from the other side. Mark the block with SEO text with a unique ID. And add an attribute to the shortcode where you can add the block ID. Accordingly, these blocks will be deleted on pagination pages.



Current Status


Last updated: February 5, 2024


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