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Responsive adjustments for specific devices


first of all i wanted to let you guys know that i love the storefront powerpack upgrade!

There is only one thing i would like to see in the future that would help me out big time.

Could you guys make it possible to add changes individually for desktop, tablet and mobile?

For example, if i now change the top padding for an certain heading with 20 pixel everything looks great on desktop but on the mobile view the heading is not displayed properly.
I know that it’s possible to work my way around this with some cutom CSS but it would be great if you can make this kind of changed individually for the different type of devices.

Other pagebuilders have this feature already so i just wanted to check if this is somehing that would be possible in the future.

If so, the storefront powerpack would be unbeatable in my opinion for making adjustments to woocommerce productpages etc.


Current Status


Last updated: August 1, 2018


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