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Restrict product visibility based on delivery zipcode on multi-vendor e-comm site

I am planning a multi-vendor e-commerce website & want the following feature activated
1. Since it is a multi-vendor site, it will require a multi-vendor plugin like Dokan or WCFM; am I correct ?
2. I want to restrict the visibility of certain products for buyers based on their delivery zip-code. For eg. Store A & Store B are listed on my site. Store A sells product A,B,C but will sell to buyers with delivery zipcode 1,2 & 3 only. Similarly, Store B sells products X,Y & Z but is going to sell to buyers with delivery zipcode 4,,5 & 6 only. Items are perishable & thus cannot be shipped to far off places aka zipcodes
3. Since it is a multi-vendor site, vendors should be able to map the zipcodes againt the products where the product will be available while self-listing their stores on my multi-vendor site during product listing. It also means that when buyer logs into the website, he will be needed to input his delivery zipcode based on which only products listed for his zipcode should be visible to the buyer.

What are the possibilities ?

Current Status


Last updated: October 19, 2021


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