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Send Coupon to Username

The ability to send a coupon to a user whose username you know is something i would like to see.

In my scenario I am creating a system where people can gift subscriptions to other users, but they do not know their email addresses, just their usernames. So if the form is updated to send to a username instead of an email, then it would end up in the users account to be used on checkout.

Additionally an option to create an account if one does not exist for a username that is used. i.e. I buy a subscription to the site for bob1234 but that username doesnt exist yet because hes never been to the site. so it would create an account and once bob goes to the site and logs in with his existing account (in my case his password doesnt matter because i am linking to another system) then he would login and the coupon would be there for him.


Current Status


Last updated: January 26, 2020


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