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Smart Coupons

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Smart Coupons – Additional Action or Filter

It would be great to have an action or filter within Smart Coupons to allow for the triggering an auto-generated coupon code email based on an event I choose.

The plugin currently only allows for this to happen via FollowUps (requires a store account) or on checkout if the coupon is associated to the product or category.

If we could have a option to use something like:

add_action( ‘wc_smart_coupon_generate’, ‘my_generate_function’ );

function my_generate_function( $email, $coupon ) {
// Code here

Giving us the ability to run this action where ever we please. For instance, on a newsletter sign up form, or for the 100th person to review a product.


Current Status


Last updated: January 4, 2017


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