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Split Orders

Split orders so you can process and ship each part separately.

Split Order on Checkout

A way to split the order based on a variable. The variable can be a shipping class, a product tag, or product category.

Let’s say that we sell T-Shirts, Shoes, and Socks. If a user places an order for 3 T-Shirts, 1 Shoes, and 1 Socks, then the order would be split into 2 orders.

1 Order for TShirts
1 Order for Shoes and Socks.

It would split this into 2 orders since we could categorize the “Tshirts” as belonging to one order.

This is a random example. This is why we’re requesting this:

We have a Woocommerce store with a Printful store. When an order is placed, Printful pulls the order from our system and sends it over to their system.

When we split an order, Woocommerce creates a new order for Printful, and it pulls the new order as an order for printful again.



Current Status


Last updated: January 26, 2023


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