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WooCommerce Subscriptions

by  Woo
Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

subscriptions with regressive price


Would be nice to have an option to create regressive prices for subscription products.

For instance, I could create a subscription with a standard price of $50,00 from the third month, where my client would pay $70,00 in the first and $60,00 in second month.

Like this:

First Month: $ 70,00;
Second Month: $ 60,00;
Third Month: $ 50,00;
Forth Month: $50,00;

Twentieth Month: $50,00.

Why would be nice? I have a subscription site where people subscribe to read texts. Problem is that some people is interested only in one or two texts.

We create a lot of material to keep them with us, creating value for our product, but would be nice some king of tool which could make us to receive more money at the beginning.

Another way would be charging more in the first cycles, applying discounts to the subsequents.

For instance, a subscription with a standard price of $50,00.

First month: $70,00 ($20 extra)
Second month: $70,00 ($20 extra)
Third month: 60,00 ($10 extra)
Forth month: free (- $50 credit from 1, 2 and 3rd months)
Fifth month: $50,00

Twentieth: $50,00

I don’t know if I made myself clear, but I think that would be great 🙂



Current Status


Last updated: April 1, 2016


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