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by  Woo
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Trial Run for deactivated emails

A user was trying to import existing orders, but wasn’t sure if he setup the email right so he was trying to keep the email deactivated.

When the email is deactivated it will still show the “Import existing orders” button after saving. But when clicking this it will always end up with the message:

Error: Import data not found

It seems it can’t find any orders because the email isn’t active. This is kind of confusing, it would be more logical for importing orders to either be disabled, or a more descriptive error.

It would be nice though for the user to be able to run the import as a trial run. So they could see which orders matched and which emails are sent. This way they could be confident that everything is setup correctly before actually sending all the emails.


Current Status


Last updated: August 8, 2017


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