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by  Woo
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Unapproved Vendors appear in Vendor list on Add New Products

TLDR: Vendors appear in Vendor list before being approved, this should probably change to only show approved Vendors

When a user registers a new vendor application from ‘[wcpv_registration] ‘ registration form then user listed as ‘Pending Vendor’ in users.php page.

When Admin approve that user “Vendor Admin or Vendor Manager” then that user listed in Vendor Admin or Vendor Manager list.

BUT if admin didn’t approve that user or user is waiting for getting approval then at that duration that *unapproved* user appearing as a Vendor list in add new product page And if admin assign any product to that user then that Unapproved vendor’s product and vendor’s store appears on product archive page.

Logically user is not approved as vendor admin or vendor manager then that user should not appear in Vendor Listing drop down in add new product as shown in above screenshot.

Props to Ankit Gupta for identifying this issue and sharing with me.


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Last updated: June 29, 2021


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