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WooCommerce Subscriptions

by  Woo
Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Uniform Hook for Subscription complete

I was using => woocommerce_subscription_payment_complete to run some code. According to the docs – I expected it to fire everytime a subscription payment was confirmed / paid.

However what i’ve found is that when early renewals are made – the hook isn’t firing.

Here are the steps to reproduce the error.
1. Manual payment needs to be enabled.
2. After first order is successful go to my account > subscription > view subscription click renew
3. If you’re in a live environment you will get the pay now button instead of being redirected to checkout
4. Both hooks `woocommerce_subscription_renewal_payment_complete` and `woocommerce_subscription_payment_complete` do not run. – since both of them are here includes/class-wc-subscription.php – line no 1742


Current Status


Last updated: February 26, 2020


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