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Uniqueize meta tags on pagination pages from shortcode [products]

We have critical problem with SEO when use shortcode [products] – duplicate meta tags and tags:

1. Title, Descroption – two general meta tags,
2. H1 – general tag.

I suggest:

Step 1. Add 3 attributes to the shortcode:

1. title_seo
2. desc_seo
3. h1_seo

Step 2. Add automatically after each value of three attributes the template:

“page” “page number”.


Main page:

Title: Microwave ovens from $20 – Buy Online in Los Angeles | The Best Store

Description: More than 30 microwave models starting from $20. Find the right Microwave for your kitchen. Showrooms in Los Angeles or buy online in one click.

H1: Microwave ovens

SHORTCODE – [products limit=”10″ paginate=”true” title_seo=”Microwave ovens” desc_seo=”More than 30 microwave models starting from $20″ h1_seo=”Microwave ovens”]

RESULT on pagination page:

Title: Microwave ovens, page 2

Description: More than 30 microwave models starting from $20, page 2

H1: Microwave ovens, page 2


Why is it important to be able to set your own values for attributes, and not just add a template with the word “page” “page number”?

– It is necessary to exclude keywords from meta tags from pagination pages so that they do not compete with the main page.


Why would keywords from pagination pages even compete? After all, they can generally be marked as canonical

– Because these are basic recommendations from Google:

1. All pages are tagged with their own canonical because product names and excerpts are unique on each page.

2. If unique meta tags and H1 tag – you get an increase in positions and traffic.



Current Status


Last updated: February 5, 2024


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