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Unit pricing measure and Unit pricing base measure

Hi, this has been requested some times before according to search, but so far to no avail.


Basically, one can feed two fields into Google so it will display, under the product price, the price per kg, liter or piece.

This is probably not considered important because of US devs? However, it’s a big thing in the EU, especially Germany.

Now, I’ve been thinking about this. Should Google Listings & Ads support this? I think yes, and no. It shouldn’t try to implement this for Woocommerce, this is not its job. The Woocommerce Germanized plugin does it, and for our own site, we made a custom solution where it saves some fields as product meta data. GL&A shouldn’t in my view try to reimplement that.

However it should provide some means to read those fields and pass them to Google. That is its job.

What would work best for ourselves, and possibly others as it is the most flexible and implementation independent, is for GL&A to support it in their “Attribute rules”. It would need two extra fields, unit price and unit base price. Our meta fields are not listed as possible values for attribute rules though.

My thoughts are that an attribute rule should provide the possibility to get the value by callback function. These callback functions can then be implemented by us or whoever has a custom implementation, and we retrieve the right values and return these. Then GL&A only need to validate/normalize these so nothing funky is allowed.

This should be quite easy to implement and GL&A doesn’t need to implement the whole thing.




Current Status


Last updated: January 30, 2024


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