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Products Linked by Variations for WooCommerce

Link products by their variations to provide your shoppers easy access to similar products right from the product page.

Webshop for clothing with size and color as variations

Dear sir/madam,

I have a question about this plugin. I am building a webshop for clothing and because each product is available in 5 sizes and 5 colors I end up with a lot of variations. I want my customers to be able to switch between color and size easily on the product page. However, if i do this by creating variations i end up with 5 x 5 x 5 + 125 variations.

Therefor, i want the customer to be able to select color on the product page and be directed to the product page of that specific color. That would mean i cut the variations down from 125 to only 25 which is a lot more manageable.

I have an example of how I want this navigation to be from another webshop:

And this is how my current site is:


Bert van Meteren

Current Status


Last updated: December 18, 2022


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