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Are you an avid WooCommerce enthusiast looking to grow your local community?

We like you already, and are here to help you spread the word of Woo around the globe by hosting a WooCommerce Meetup in your town.

Host a Meetup with Us

We’ll work with you to put your group and area on the map, and assist in establishing a flourishing community committed to knowledge-sharing and collaboration. You’ll make great connections and boost your business in the process. You’ll also meet like-minded developers, store owners and eCommerce specialists. It’s a win-win!

How it Works

How it works

WooCommerce Meetups are designed to benefit the local WooCommerce community by offering great opportunities for education and engagement. Meetups are casual gatherings, usually featuring 1-2 speakers, that are organized by local volunteers, and sometimes sponsored by WooCommerce partners (or us).

What you need to do

We're looking to start WooCommerce meetups in areas that already have a strong WordPress community. A large WordPress community in your area will be a good first indication of many WooCommerce users in your area.

Once the meetup page has been created, you will be made a co-organizer on the event website. We use to organize all of our WooCommerce Meetups.

You should promote the meetup you’re organizing using the Meetup tools and other social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

You will arrange 1 or 2 speakers for each event. We could assist with some of our partners if they’re in your area; otherwise, reach out to the community to find appropriate guests. If you can, sort out some relaxed drinks and snacks. We’ll assist on the finance side for this if needed.

If you're interested in organizing a meetup, please get in touch with us at, and make sure to include information about your local WordPress and WooCommerce communities, and your experience leading Meetups or other community events.

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