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Chase Paymentech meet WooCommerce

Written by Joel on February 25, 2014 Blog.

Today, we are incredibly excited to roll out an integration between Chase Paymentech and WooCommerce.

Merchants utilizing WooCommerce (now one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms) can now integrate with Chase Paymentech, powered by JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States.

The Official Chase Paymentech Integration for WooCommerce

The Chase Paymentech WooCommerce integration has been officially certified by Chase meaning merchants will not need to go through a lengthly certification process before selling.

The integration is securely hosted in an iframe yet still allows for tokenization, enabling merchants to receive all the security benefits of a hosted payment gateway.

Full Support of WooCommerce Pre-Orders and WooCommerce Subscriptions

Customer checkout experience is highly customizable for different themes; customers never leave your site during checkout.

Why Choose Chase Paymentech?

Chase offers a complete payments perspective, with information about data security regulations, fraud prevention information and fraud tools, plus a wide range of payment choices. They provide much more than just payment processing. Chase has been serving the world’s largest brands, new ecommerce start-ups, and thousands of small businesses for more than 25 years.

If you are selling abroad, Chase offers customized international processing and is ready to help guide you through the challenges around international payments.

Whether you are a large merchant or a smaller merchant, Chase has specialized teams ready to help you plan for your growth.

Discount Coupon

Get $15 off, when purchasing the Chase Paymentech integration, until 4th March 2014. Use the coupon code CHASE15 at checkout.