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WordCamp Providence Roundup – The Flexibility of WooCommerce

Written by Danny Santoro on October 26, 2014 Blog.


Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to speak at WordCamp Providence about the Flexibility of WooCommerce – my first WordCamp Presentation! Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, neither could I.

Instead, we recorded it via Google Hangouts, so everyone can enjoy it here.

Watch & Listen

Download the Slides

Since the video seemed to get stuck and miss some slides, you can download the full stack here:

See the Examples

To see the examples in action, visit

Read the Transcript

If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can read the entire transcription, horrible grammar included! Click here to view it.

See the Pictures

Check out the Flickr images (All from the Cincinnati perspective) here.

What’s it about?

In the talk, I go over a few key questions-

  • What is WooCommerce?
  • Why should you use WooCommerce?
  • What can WooCommerce do for me?

At the end, we go over some advanced setups – all of which are based on real-life examples asked by WooThemes users in the WooThemes Community with detailed text and video walkthroughs available for free in the WooThemes Knowledge Base.

Thanks to everyone who attended WordCamp Providence and everyone who listened in remotely – I know we got cut off a little short, so if you have any follow up questions you can hit me up on twitter @Danny_Santoro!