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Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce

Recover lost sales due to abandoned carts efficiently using the powerful WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery featuring Dynamic Coupons.

Recover Sales Lost to Abandoned Carts

Recover lost sales and boost your revenue effortlessly with the Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce extension.

Designed exclusively for WooCommerce, this extension is a game-changer for reclaiming abandoned carts and turning them into successful conversions. You can motivate shoppers and increase sales with useful features, including automated recovery emails and dynamic coupons.

How does the Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin work?

How Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce works?


  • Automate or manually send abandoned cart emails
  • Option to create dynamically generated smart discount coupons
  • Detailed reports on abandoned and recovered carts
  • Option to set the time after which a cart is considered abandoned
  • Set a time to consider the abandoned cart as expired
  • Send abandoned cart emails to guest users or unregistered customers
  • Get notified via email whenever a cart is recovered
  • Create multiple highly customizable email templates to be sent using simple trigger rules
  • Create a new custom email template or use the existing email templates
  • Email logs to keep track of all the emails sent via the plugin
  • View all the cart details in the ‘Cart Details’ tab
  • Restrict abandoned carts emails by specific email IDs, domains, and IP addresses
  • Option to send GDPR messages along with abandoned cart emails

Top Features Explained

Access in-depth Reports on Abandoned and Recovered Carts

Gain valuable insights into your store’s abandoned and recovered carts. The extension provides comprehensive reports, allowing you to analyze the impact of your recovery efforts and make data-driven decisions. It gathers data, including the total number of emails sent, the most popular email designs, the number of abandoned carts recovered via email, and the most frequently used coupons.

View and filter detailed reports on abandoned and recovered carts


Customize Triggers for Automated Abandoned Cart Emails

Craft personalized and timely recovery emails to engage customers who abandon their carts. This extension enables you to set up email rules and configure triggers, ensuring that automated abandoned cart emails are sent at the right moment, increasing the chances of conversion. You can set rules based on various factors, including product ID, quantity, price, user role, etc.

Automate abandoned cart emails with simple set-up rules and triggers


Send Emails with Dynamic Coupons for Recovering Abandoned Carts

Incentivize customers to complete their purchases by including smart coupons in abandoned cart recovery emails. The extension integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, enabling you to offer attractive discounts or special promotions to motivate customers to return and make a purchase. When the customer finishes their purchase using the checkout link in the abandoned cart email, these coupons will instantly be applied to their cart.

Maximize conversions by adding smart discount coupons to emails


Gain Deeper Insights into Abandoned Carts

Get detailed insights into each abandoned or recovered cart in your store. This extension provides comprehensive information, allowing you to understand customer behavior, identify patterns, and tailor your recovery strategies accordingly.

Learn more about each cart that has been abandoned or recovered

Customize WooCommerce Order Status for Recovery

Define the specific order status in WooCommerce that marks an abandoned cart as recovered. This feature gives you control over when a cart is successfully recovered, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.

Choose WooCommerce order status to indicate that a previously abandoned cart has been recovered


Set an Abandoned Cart Timer

Define the duration after which a cart will be considered abandoned. You can set a timer that fits your business needs, and once the cart reaches the set time limit, the extension will consider the cart to be abandoned and begin sending abandoned cart emails based on the rules and triggers you set.

Set a timer for a cart to be considered abandoned and erase all previous data

Enable Recovery for Unregistered Guest Users

Take advantage of potential sales from guest users who abandoned their carts. This extension allows unregistered guests to recover their abandoned carts with a seamless shopping experience that increases the chances of conversion.


Enable guest who haven’t signed up for an account to retrieve their WooCommerce cart abandonment

Stay Notified with Recovery Email Notifications

Stay informed about the progress of your abandoned cart recovery efforts. The extension sends you email notifications whenever a cart is successfully recovered, ensuring that you can promptly follow up with customers or track the effectiveness of your recovery emails. Default shortcodes are at your disposal to ensure the precision of customer and cart details.

Receive an email notification every time a cart is recovered

Supports Multiple Email Templates and its Personalization

Personalize the look and feel of your abandoned cart recovery emails. Using the pre-set shortcodes, you can verify the accuracy of customer information and shopping cart details within abandoned cart emails. This extension allows you to add new custom email templates, ensuring that your emails reflect your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

These shortcodes automatically populate the emails with the necessary customer and cart information, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time. You will also have the option to send test emails to your addresses to preview how the recovery email will display in your customers’ inboxes.

Send reminders by creating unique email templates with smart coupon

Email Restriction

Control the frequency of abandoned cart recovery emails to avoid overwhelming your customers. It is possible to restrict individual email addresses, domains, and IP addresses from receiving reminders about abandoned carts.

Email Restriction

Analyze Detailed Email Logs

You can access a comprehensive log of all previously sent emails to customers, with information such as cart ID, email address, template name, coupon, and timestamp.

View detailed email logs

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