Enhance your WooCommerce checkout and user experience with Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce store owners know the pain of incurring losses due to packages with invalid addresses being undelivered — it’s a common problem for most store owners and recent research has shown companies are particularly hit by customers filling out address fields incorrectly during holiday sales like Black Friday.

What if there was a way to help you end delivery delays caused by an incorrect address entry? What if we could help customers fill their address entry using Google’s Address Autocomplete (suggestion) feature?

Introducing Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce. Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce is an intelligent yet easy-to-use extension that allows you to sync your site with Google Maps location detector at the checkout page. This saves your customers time and effort when filling out their checkout form’s address fields.

How does Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce work? As soon as the customer selects their location on the map, Google Address auto-complete (via Google API) automatically fetches their Address, Country, City, State, and Zipcode and auto-fills the data against the relevant field.

Moreover, if the customer suggests a location or zip code, the system will display a list of suitable locations to choose from.

If you have a WooCommerce store that ships products around the world, then download Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce and put an end to problems such as shipping to the wrong address.


  • Google Address Autocomplete — Real-time address validation via Google Places API.
  • Select location via Google Map pointer — Great accuracy and precision when fetching addresses.
  • Country, city, zip-code will be detected automatically — No need to input address fields manually.
  • Autofill address fields on the checkout page – Once the customer selects their location and details, the autofill functionality fills the address fields accordingly.
  • Save Time – Customers will save time by selecting Google address suggestions.
  • Billing address can be the same as shipping address — Customers can copy their billing address to the shipping address by clicking on a checkmark.
  • Set shipping methods to defined location from the back-end —Set and define different shipping methods (free shipping, flat rate, local pick up) to specific locations from the back-end settings.


  • Google Address Autocomplete feature adds a text input field to your WooCommerce checkout page that gives the users suggestions based on the text entry. These predictions are displayed in the form of a drop-down list.

  • Once the user selects their correct address via Google Places API, the relevant fields are auto-filled accordingly.

  • The user can choose to keep their shipping address the same as their billing address.


  • The admin can enable different shipping methods and define them to specific locations. For example, the admin can assign a free shipping method to the residents of Texas. Users who select Texas as their state in the address field will automatically have free shipping at checkout.

  • Users can select their location on a Google map by dragging the location pointer wherever they want.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.
  4. Read the technical documentation to help you walk through the process of setting up address autocomplete, shipping methods, and more.

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