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Advanced Free Gifts

Offer free gifts with various options like BOGO with Advanced Free Gifts.

Offer Free Gifts Based on Custom Conditions

Advanced Free Gifts for WooCommerce enables you to offer free gifts to your customers. Free gifts are a great incentive to motivate purchases. You can create multiple rules to offer manual or automatic gifts based on various conditions.

Endless possibilities

  • BOGO: Buy one get one free can be offered on any product or category and you can restrict it to specific user roles
  • Buy X Get Y: You can limit the quantity of Y to one or it can be equal to X. Every time X is added to the cart, or its quantity is increased, the Y quantity will increase too, or you can freeze the Y quantity at one.
  • Buy X Get Y and Z: Customers receive two products (Y and Z) as gifts when they buy X.
  • Buy X Get Y or Z: Customers receive one of two products (Y or Z) as a gift when they buy Z. You can randomly add Y or Z to the cart or let the customer choose on the cart page.
  • Buy Y and Z and get X: Customers receive X as a gift with the purchase of Y or Z. You can also offer a gift based on any number of products purchased. For example, customers must purchase four of product X to receive a gift.


  • Add gifts automatically or let customers manually add from the cart page
  • Offer single or multiple products as gifts based on:
    • The product or category in the cart
    • User roles and time ranges
    • Minimum cart quantities or amounts
  • Option to offer gifts only once to a user in a lifetime
  • Offer gifts in multiples or just once regardless of the quantity ordered
  • Option to manually send any product(s) as a gift(s) to a customer from the admin panel
  • Maintains a history log for all free gifts
  • In the case of multiple manual gift options, display a select-box on the cart page to let customers choose their gift(s)
  • Option to customize gift success messages

Gift Conditions

Product or category in the cart

When you create a new rule, choose to offer gifts based on a selected product or category. For example, purchase X to get Y or purchase from category A to get Y.

User roles, cart quantity, and amount

Offer gifts based on user roles, cart total amounts, and quantity. For example, you can offer a free product when a customer’s cart amount exceeds $100, or quantity exceeds 20. At the same time, you can restrict this gift rule to general customers and avoid offering gifts to wholesale user roles.

Gift quantity

When you create a new gift rule, you can choose to offer gifts to customers every time their orders meet the set conditions or just once during their lifetime.

You can also set the gift quantity in correspondence to the quantity ordered. For example, you create a rule to give a free cap with the purchase of any helmet. You can restrict the gift to one free cap per customer or allow the customer to earn a free cap with each helmet purchased with no limits.

You can also limit quantity in the case of multiple gift items offered with purchase. For example, a customer receives a free cap, belt, and socks when they purchase a helmet (automatic), or they can choose one or two of the three items as a gift (manual). If the automatic option is enabled, the extension will randomly add the defined products to the cart. If the manual option is selected, the customer will select their gift(s) from the cart.

Automatic and manual gifts

You can automatically add free gifts to carts when conditions are met or display a select box to let customers manually select and add their gift(s) to their carts. A gift success message automatically displays in either case. You can create a customizable success message for each gift type using a set of variables.

Gifts from Admin:

With Advanced Free Gifts for WooCommerce, store admins can send any product as a customer gift.

Gift log:

Advanced Free Gifts maintains a history of all gifts sent by admins manually or chosen by customers from the cart page.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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