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Advanced Gift Card

Offer a variety of virtual and physical gift cards with the Advanced Gift Card extension for WooCommerce.

Offer a Variety of Virtual and Physical Gift Cards

Allow your customers to purchase gift cards for their loved ones on unique occasions like birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Create multiple types of physical and virtual gift cards, set a fixed amount, or let customers enter a custom gift card amount within a specific range.

Add multiple gift card image galleries for unique occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and more. Allow customers to choose a gift card image from the gallery or upload a custom card image that they wish to send with the gift card.

Generate PDFs for virtual gift cards and let customers manually share gift cards or schedule delivery through email along with a personalized message.

The Advanced Gift Card extension comes with a detailed gift card dashboard showing the generated gift coupons, their usage status, and more. The customers view the purchased and received gift card from the My-Account page along with the current balance of each gift card.

Features of WooCommerce Gift Card:

  • Create multiple physical and e-gift cards for special occasions
  • Send virtual e-gift cards via email or download in PDFs
  • Schedule virtual gift card deliveries along with special messages
  • Set a fixed gift card amount or let customers enter custom gift amounts
  • Add minimum and maximum limits for custom amounts
  • Sell gift cards at face value or offer discounts on gift cards
  • Add discounts in fixed or percentage amounts
  • Apply gift card discounts to specific products and categories
  • Restrict gift cards by user roles
  • Set gift card coupon expirations in days
  • Create gift card image categories by occasions
  • Attach galleries to relevant gift cards
  • Includes a dashboard to display gift card purchases, used, and remaining amounts
  • Includes a detailed gift card log, on the admin panel along with:
    • Gift card balances
    • Creation dates
    • Order Ids when a gift card is used
    • Gift to, from, expiration, and delivery dates
  • Show gift cards details on the My Account page
  • Received gift cards along with current balances and other details
  • Purchased gift cards list
  • Ability to retain gift card balances for future orders
  • Customize virtual, physical gift cards and PDF settings (for details please see documentation)
  • Customize sender and receiver information and include a personal note

Add multiple gift cards

Increase your store revenue when you create multiple gift cards for unique occasions like weddings, Christmas, easter, and more. Entice your customers with attractive discounts on gift cards. Display all available gift cards on a dedicated page using a simple short code.

Add physical or virtual gift cards

When you create a new gift card, you can choose to make it a virtual or physical gift card with a single click. Virtual gift cards are delivered via email and physical gift cards require shipping.

1) Virtual gift card

The virtual gift cards can be delivered to the recipients email addresses on a scheduled date or the customers can select the “Print at home” option to manually download and share gift cards with recipients. With virtual gift cards you can customize the following options:

  • Attach gift card galleries to let customers choose an alternate image
  • Allow image uploads to let customers upload a custom gift card image
  • Enable sender and recipient details
  • Schedule gift card deliveries
  • Enable multiple recipient option to let customer add more than one recipient
  • Customize “Print at home” checkbox with custom text like Manual share or PDF download

2) Physical gift card

The physical gift cards are delivered to the shipping address provided by the customer during checkout. The following are the additional customization options for physical gift cards.

  • Enable sender and recipient name
  • Enable a text box to include personalized messages

Personalized gift cards with galleries

With Advanced Gift card extension, you can create multiple gift card image galleries according to different occasions. You can also enable image upload options to let customers upload a custom image to personalize their gift cards.

How to add a gift card gallery?

Go to WooCommerce > Gift Card > Gift Card Galleries to add multiple gift card galleries and attach relevant images. For more details, please see documentation.

Accept custom amounts for gift card

Enable the custom amount option to let customers enter a custom gift card amount. The store admin can add minimum and maximum limits to restrict customers from purchasing gift cards beyond a specific range.

Offer discounts on gift cards

Instead of offering gift cards at face value, you can add a discount to entice customers to purchase gift cards for their loved ones.

For example, you can offer a $500 gift card for $480; the gift card purchaser will pay $480 but the recipient will receive a gift card worth $500.


Restrict gift cards to specific products

While creating a gift card, the merchants can restrict its coupon code implementation to specific products and categories only. Instead of applying gift cards to the entire catalog, the store admin will be able to restrict it to specific items.

Show gift cards details on the My Account page

The extension creates a dedicated gift card menu in my account page with the following details:

  • Purchased gift cards
    • Gift card coupon
    • Recipient email
    • Purchase date
    • PDF download button
  • Received gift cards
    • Total balance of gift cards
    • Gift card coupon
    • Received and expiration date
    • Received, used, and balance amount
    • PDF download button

A detailed gift cards log for merchants

With the Advanced Gift Card extension, you get a dedicated log listing all gift card coupons generated by your store.

You can click to view each coupon code’s details which includes:

  • Issued date and used date
  • Issued amount and remaining balance
  • Recipient info
  • Expiration date

Detailed dashboard

The Advanced Gift Card extension comes with an attractive dashboard showing a comprehensive list of gift card coupons along with:

  • The total gift card count
  • The total amount
  • The used amount
  • The remaining amount


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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