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Advanced Product Quantity for WooCommerce

Add minimum, maximum, interval, or comma separate quantities for specific products, categories and user roles. Supports decimal quantities and cart level quantity restrictions.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantity extension makes it easy to set minimum and maximum product and cart quantities. Set fixed quantities for individual products, or display interval-based quantities in a dropdown. Configure quantity limitations by user role, and customize the error messages that display if a customer tries to purchase too much.

Enable decimal quantities for specific products to allow customers to purchase in fractions. You can add a minimum, maximum and steps for fractional quantities.


  • Supports multiple product quantity restrictions
    • Minimum and maximum quantity restriction
    • Interval-based quantity (e.g., 2, 4, 6)
    • Comma separated custom quantities (e.g., 1,2,5,6)
    • Fixed quantity for any product
  • Choose to display the quantity field as a dropdown.
  • Enable decimal quantities for specific products
  • Apply quantity limitations based on user roles
  • Configure different quantity restrictions for different products, categories, and user roles
  • Add cart based quantity restrictions
  • Customize error messages
  • Show quantity field on listing pages


The extension offers endless possibilities and here are some of the major ones,

  • Buy in multiple of 6 from store except packs category (using cart restrictions)
  • Buy cup cakes in multiple of 3 only
  • Buy a fixed quantity “5” in each order
  • B2B user roles must buy a minimum of 10 quantities
  • Maximum order quantity for hoodies is 20
  • Buy rice in decimal/fractions like 1.5 kgs
  • Wholesale minimum order quantity is 50
  • and more

Supports multiple restrictions types:

With WooCommerce Product Quantity extension, you can add multiple types of quantity restrictions like min/max, custom quantities, steps and more

1) Add minimum or maximum quantity restriction

With Advanced Product Quantity for WooCommerce, you can set minimum and maximum order quantities for specific products or categories, or set minimum and maximum quantities by user role.

WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity

2) Offer interval-based incremental quantities

Configure interval-based incremental quantities for specific products and categories to generate a series of quantities that a customer can order. For example, if you configure the interval step as 2 and initial quantity as 3, customers will be able to order in quantities of 3, 5, 7, or 9. You can also cap the maximum quantity.

3) Set a fixed quantity

For in-demand products, set a fixed quantity that every customer can order so you can serve more customers with less stock.

WooCommerce Fixed Quantity

4) Custom quantities:

Add comma separated custom quantity to force customers to select the pre-defined quantities.

Decimal quantities:

You can now enable decimal quantities to let customers purchase in decimal units. You can choose to set the decimal step to any fraction like 1/2, 1/4 or any other unit.

Display quantities in a dropdown

Replace the default quantity field with a dropdown menu — handy when you want to provide specific quantity options for customers. 

WooCommerce Quantity Dropdown

Global quantity restriction rules

The rule-based management allows you to create multiple rules to set different quantity limitations for different products, categories, and user roles.

While creating new rule you can customize

  • Provide rule title
  • Rule priority
  • Select quantity restriction type
    • Default
    • Step quantity
    • Custom quantities
    • Fixed quantity
  • Choose to display as dropdown
  • Apply restrictions to all or selected products and categories
  • Apply on all or specific products and categories
  • Select user roles if you want to apply restrictions for specific roles

Product level quantity restrictions:

Apply WooCommerce product quantity settings to all customers, or to specific user roles from the product level as well. The extension supports variable products to set different quantity restrictions for different variations.

Add cart based quantity restrictions

Along with the product order quantity, you can also configure a minimum or maximum cart quantity and amount. You can also choose to apply this cart restriction to specific user role, products and categories. For example, purchase in multiple of six from store except the packs category.

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