Advanced Reviews by Aheadworks

Encourage customers to share their purchase experience by making the review submission process clear and simple.

Easily Solicit User-Generated Reviews to Increase Sales

Advanced Reviews for WooCommerce encourages customers to share their purchase experience by making the review submission process clear and simple.

  • Customize form fields to control the content of review
  • Make fields required to collect all the necessary information
  • Allow guests to submit reviews thus extending customer base
  • Improve credibility of reviews by adding “Verified Buyer” labels
  • Email submission form to customers in order to get every client’s opinion

Increase your sales by creating a favorable environment for deeper customer engagement with the brand. Reviews greatly influence purchase decisions and, most importantly, build trust. With Advanced Reviews, focus on the customer and make the experience of writing reviews easy and enjoyable.

How it works

  • Frontend experience: Prompt your customers to speak out on the products, and facilitate the reviews to be complete and meaningful enough to build trust and foster further feedback from other shoppers.

  • Opinion collection: Collect customer’s opinions on your products via the front-end form or submission link in a notification email. Support reviews with summaries, ratings, recommendation notes and other essential details.

  • Featured reviews: Highlight up to 5 most relevant and powerful reviews into a featured block. Let authors feel that you value their opinion and appreciate it to be a significant part of the product.

  • Featured reviews (On frontend)

  • Option to unsubscribe from review notifications: Do not push your customers to receive all your notifications. Allow unsubscribing and let shoppers decide for themselves whether they are idle contributors or proactive advocates.

  • My Product Reviews


Writing reviews:

  • Advantages/Disadvantages fields
  • Review Summary autofill
  • Rating and recommendation options
  • Image attachment feature
  • Submitting review either from an email reminder or a frontend form

Reading reviews:

  • Featured reviews block (up to 5 reviews pinned to top)
  • Sorting by rating, date and helpfulness
  • Filtering by verified users and image
  • Rating on usefulness of the review/comment
  • Flag to report abuse
  • Commenting on reviews

Review management:

  • Browsing reviews in a single grid
  • Editing reviews before publication
  • Leaving admin comments to reviews
  • Changing status of reviews
  • Indicating featured reviews (auto counter is available)
  • Changing status to Verified Buyer
  • Automated review approval workflow

Review policy configuration:

  • Enabling guests to specify their email addresses to leave a review
  • Enabling Terms and Conditions
  • Securing real reviews with Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Specifying a page for collection of all reviews
  • Configuring parameters for image attachments
  • Configuring notifications

Other features:

  • Managing reviews from product edit pages
  • ‘Verified Buyer’ badge for customers who leave reviews via the email review submission form
  • Automatic or manual (in case of approval) awarding of the Verified Buyer badge
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Improved behavior of voting for helpfulness of reviews


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

Install Advanced Reviews plugin for WooCommerce and boost your sales and customer loyalty

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