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Advanced Sales Booster

Increase your store revenues with the AI-driven sales engagement features of Advanced Sales Booster for WooCommerce.

Increase Sales with Advanced Sales Booster

Advanced Sales Booster for WooCommerce provides six marketing tools to boost your online sales and grow your business. These features include AI-driven Frequently Bought Together, Product Discounts, Upsell Products, Custom Emails, Sales Notifications, and Price Request.

Advanced Sales Booster for WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution to increase revenue with six proven solutions to engage customers and increase sales.


  • Offers frequently-bought-together products on product pages
  • AI-driven Frequently Bought Together Products automatically detects products regularly bought together for store owners
  • Offers exciting discounts based on product quantities
  • Displays discount tables on product pages
  • Shows upsell or cross-sell products on the cart and checkout pages
  • Highlights upsell products in customizable slider
  • Displays upsell products based on cart conditions such as items in the cart, subtotal, total, and more
  • Sends custom emails to specific users, user roles, and product buyers
  • Creates multiple email templates based on marketing and store requirements
  • Sends general custom emails to all customers of your online store
  • Displays sales notifications in a popup, on desktop and mobile devices
  • Show sales notifications on the shop, product, cart, and checkout pages
  • Option to enable sales notifications on store URLs
  • Customize the look of sales notification popups, including color, text, and animation
  • Allow customers to make price offers for online products
  • Approve or reject price offers
  • Automatically changes product prices when you accept customer offers
  • Changes product prices for accepted offers for a limited time such as hour, day, week, etc.
  • Displays the number of visitors who have seen the product

AI-driven frequently bought together

This extension shows products frequently bought together on corresponding product pages. It engages customers and encourages them to add other products to their carts. AI drives this feature which continuously monitors and pairs products based on past sales. Shop owners don’t need to analyze their data to determine which products are purchased together. The AI does it for them and allows them to automatically offer grouped products or use the information to make their own bundles for customers.

Product discounts

With Advanced Sales Booster for WooCommerce, you can offer product discounts based on quantity. The extension displays discount tables on product pages to attract customers and helps to boost the sales of your online store.

Up-sell and cross-sell products

With this extension, you can also increase your sales by displaying up-sell and cross-sell products on the cart and checkout pages. In a customizable slider, you can display different products based on cart conditions such as items in the user cart, subtotals, totals, coupon codes used, carts containing a specific product or category, and user roles.

Custom emails

You can encourage customers to return to your store by sending custom email notifications to them. Send store updates and entice customers with discount offers, new arrivals, and other exciting news. You can send custom emails to specific users, user roles, and product buyers.

Sales notifications

You can display sales notifications for your online store to build trust among store visitors and turn them into buyers. Sales notifications work on desktops and mobile devices and display on shop, product, cart, and checkout pages. There is also an option to display sales notifications on custom store URLs.

Price offers

The Advanced Sales Booster for WooCommerce extension lets your customers offer a price and the admin can accept or reject their offer. This feature helps boost sales because customers can make an offer within their budgets instead of giving up because a product is too expensive.

Highlight a product’s popularity

This extension also highlights the popularity of products to customers. It helps to create a sense of urgency in the shopper’s mind and encourages them to buy this product before it’s out of stock.


  1. With Advanced Sales Booster, you get six big sales-boosting features in one extension
    2. Advanced Sales Booster quickly boosts the sales of your online store
    3. Advanced Sales Booster is easy to configure
    4. Advanced Sales Booster saves you time by automatically detecting products bought together frequently


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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