Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Enhance your sales potential with the cost-effective Affiliate Program for WooCommerce. Provide affiliates with the opportunity to earn income by endorsing your business.

Want the best way to promote your products? With WooCommerce, Affiliate Management becomes a breeze! Try the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce and expand your reach with more affiliates for a larger audience.

Welcome to the perfect solution for fast business growth! Our affordable affiliate marketing tool boosts loyal customers, drives traffic, and increases income.


Advantages of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program:

Maximize your product reach with affiliate marketing – a top-tier advertising method. With WooCommerce, managing affiliates becomes effortless. Use the right plugin like ‘Affiliate Program for WooCommerce’ and watch your audience grow as your affiliates increase!.

Discover the perks of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program:

  1. Fast-growing and budget-friendly advertising method.
  2. Speed up business growth and turn visitors into buyers.
  3. Monetize your website traffic with affiliate programs.
  4. Increase on-site engagement and boost company revenue.
  5. Gain more loyal customers for your website.
  6. Streamline business development effortlessly.

Unlock the power of the Affiliate Program – the ultimate marketing solution for WooCommerce stores. Effortlessly manage and succeed with your WooCommerce affiliate program.


Top Features:

“Affiliate Program for WooCommerce” is loaded with top-tier features, enabling businesses to make the most of affiliate marketing in WooCommerce. Here are the standout features:

  1. Enable or disable affiliate programs with ease.
    Quickly activate or deactivate affiliate programs for your business using a simple toggle. This provides you with control over when your affiliate program is active.
  2. Simplified Setup and Control:
    The process of setting up and managing the affiliate program is straightforward and user-friendly. This ensures that even non-technical users can easily navigate and utilize the system.
  3. Flexible Commission Types:
    Tailor your affiliate program to suit your business model by selecting the most suitable commission type. Whether it’s a percentage-based or flat-rate fee, you can align it with your business strategy.
  4. Effortless Affiliate Compensation Updates:
    Empower affiliates to manage their compensation directly from their WordPress profiles. This convenient feature saves time and ensures that affiliates have control over their earnings.
  5. User Role-Based Affiliate Conversions:
    The system intelligently handles affiliate conversions based on user roles. This ensures that the affiliate commission attribution process is aligned with your business structure.
  6. Comprehensive Monitoring for Site Admins:
    Site administrators are equipped with a comprehensive reporting system. This allows them to monitor the activities and performance of their affiliates, enabling effective management.
  7. Social Media Link Distribution and Profit Tracking:
    Affiliates can seamlessly share their referral links across various social media networks. Additionally, they can track the profits generated through these efforts, providing transparency and motivation.
  8. Front-End Reporting for Affiliate Customers:
    A dedicated front-end report system is available for all affiliate customers. This feature enables affiliates to monitor their performance and track their earnings from their user interface.
  9. Easy Payout Function for Affiliates:
    Affiliates can easily change their commissions with the Easy Payout feature. It helps them control how much they earn.
  10. Continuous Customer Support and Updates:
    The program offers 24/7 customer service, ensuring that you have assistance whenever you need it. Ongoing updates and improvements further enhance the performance and features of the affiliate program.

Basically, the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce by ePlugins has a bunch of cool stuff! It makes handling affiliates super easy with features like turning programs on or off in just one click, flexible commissions, and easy tools. It’s awesome for both site admins and affiliates! Plus, they’ve got reports, payouts, and friendly customer support to make everything smooth and fun.

Reporting Dashboard 

In this updated plugin version, we’ve introduced a game-changing feature: the Reporting Dashboard. Now, site administrators have a centralized hub to access and analyze all affiliate-related data. This dashboard offers a convenient, comprehensive overview of affiliate activities and performance, simplifying monitoring within a single, accessible location.

Upon accessing this dashboard, you will gain access to the following data:

Total Orders: This card shows the number of orders made by the customers through the affiliate link.

Total Customers: This card shows the number of user registered on the website using the affiliate link

Task Progress: This card shows the task progress, which is based on the order completion.

Total Profit: This card shows the total earning amount of the site.

Top Products with Sales Count: You can see the top three selling products of the site here with their sales count.

Latest Sales: This graph displays the latest sales for the month.

Report: This report gives site admins all the information they need! They can see how much commission their affiliate pals are earning and make sure they get paid on time.

How is it different from other WordPress affiliate plugins?

Certainly! Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program by ePlugins:

1. Affordable Solution for Rapid Business Development:

This WooCommerce Affiliate Program offers an affordable yet highly effective solution for propelling your business forward. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform, making it a cost-efficient way to expand your business horizons. By leveraging this economical affiliate plugin, you open the door to accelerated business development without straining your budget.

2. Boost sales and elevate revenue:

Imagine having your own team of enthusiastic supporters cheering for your products on social media! With our affiliate program, these supporters drive more customers to your business, leading to a big boost in your sales and revenue.

3. Trusted by WooCommerce for Excellent Accuracy and User-Friendly Automation:

Trust matters in choosing an affiliate program. Endorsed by WooCommerce, this Affiliate Program offers precision in commission tracking, user-friendly automation, and reliability.

4. Rapid Development and Enhanced Business Growth:

Integrate this affordable affiliate marketing solution into your WooCommerce store for rapid business growth. Beyond sales, it enhances customer loyalty, drives traffic, and boosts overall income. The result? Improved business performance with loyal customers, increased visitors, and higher revenue.


In summary, the advantages of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program by eplugins offer a comprehensive package of benefits. It provides an economical path to business expansion, primarily through a boost in sales facilitated by affiliate-driven social media recommendations. The program’s recognition and endorsement by WooCommerce ensure accuracy and user-friendly operation. Ultimately, the rapid development and growth that result from adopting this affiliate marketing solution solidify its position as a strategic asset for businesses within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

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