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You are at the right place for a rapid growth in your business with an affordable affiliate marketing solution in your store. It helps to get more loyal customers , rapid scale in traffic and higher revenue.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce is one of the best marketing solutions present in WooCommerce Store. It makes it easier to run a successful affiliate program for WordPress websites.


Why to waste hundreds of dollars on an affiliate program when you have a WooCommerce trusted and an advanced affiliate program available just in twenty nine dollars. It’s a user friendly automated affiliate program in WooCommerce that delivers high accuracy.

What is Affiliate Marketing or WordPress Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a smart and easy way to make money online by promoting other companies’ or brands  products.  It helps to improve your sales by letting other users share your products on their sites and blogs in exchange of a commission for each product sold.Below are some easy steps to start affiliate marketing on your woocommerce store.

  • Select the  best Affiliate Manager Plugin
  • Choose your niche
  • Drive traffic to your Affiliate site
  • Convert the clicks into the sales

So Affiliate Marketing can easily be established on your website with this WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin.


7 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in WooCommerce Store:

Promoting your products is always an end goal of any marketing program and Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote your product or services. 


When you are using WooCommerce then obviously you are in luck as Affiliate Management is no more a tricky task for you with a right plugin like Affiliate Program for WooCommerce plugin. The more Affiliates you have, The greater audience you can reach out.

Here are some benefits of WooCommerce Affiliate Program.

  1. Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing advertising method and it is very cost effective.
  2. Affiliate programs can rapidly scale your business and convert the traffic into sales.
  3. Affiliate Marketing helps to monetize your website traffic
  4. WordPress Affiliate Marketing Improves engagement on-site which leads to higher revenue for the business
  5. As the name is saying it all, Affiliate Program For WooCommerce is a  WooCommerce extension, That’s why setup and configuration cost got reduced.
  6. Affiliate Programs helps to generate more loyal customers to your website.
  7. Helps to grow your business more easily.

Top Features of Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

    1. One tap enable/disable Affiliate program for your business
    2. Easy to Configure and manage 
    3. Choose commission type according to your business type, either percentage or flat rate commission
    4. Update payout to your affiliates easily from their WordPress Profile
    5. User role based affiliate conversion system
    6. Detailed report for the site administrators to keep track their Affiliates.
    7. Affiliates can track their earnings, share the link to social platforms easily
    8. Front end report system for all the affiliate customers
    9. Easy Payout feature to update affiliates commission and keep track of their earnings.
    10. Regular Updates
    11. 24*7 Customer support
    12. Regularly improved and updated

Three Steps to start using Affiliate Marketing with WordPress and WooCommerce

When it comes to setting up the Affiliate Program for your business, Affiliate Program for WooCommerce can be the best and easy solution for you because it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. All you need to follow the below steps to get started

Step : 1 Install and Configure the Affiliate Plugin

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce plugin. once the plugin is activated you will be redirected to the FAQ screen of the plugin For where one can find the necessary instruction about the plugin features Document link contact details and much more.

Plugin settings can be accessed very easily just by clicking the “Access Settings” button.

You can Also find the settings by navigating to the WooCommerce > Settings >  Affiliate

Enable the Affiliate Program in to your site, If you want you simply by checking this box.

Choose Affiliate Key Name and Length according to need

 Affiliate Key name and length totally depend on your website’s needs. These two parameters will decide the nature of your affiliate link. As according to above the parameters, your affiliate link will be like


Limit max number order eligible for affiliate commission

Choose affiliate commission type

Select user roles eligible for affiliate commission

Select the pages on which the customers will be redirected after clicking the affiliate link

You can also enable Social Sharing by navigating to WooCommerce > Affiliate > Social Sharing

As everyone uses social platforms today. So gathering traffic and converting most loyal customers via social sites can be the best option for anyone to grow the business. Here you can enable the social Sharing feature  to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and WhatsApp. This will be helpful  to generate more revenue.

Step : 2 Track Affiliate with the detailed Report

From here you can also track the affiliate and view the detailed report. Site administrators can see the affiliates name, His earnings,  Total orders and other important points one needs to track.

Reporting Dashboard 

In this new version of the plugin, We are including Reporting Dashboard, That can be accessed by the site admin from where he could be able to view all the affiliate data of the website at a single place)

You’ll get the following data in this dashboard;

    • Total Orders

This card shows the number of orders made by the customers through the affiliate link.

    • Total Customers

This card shows the number of user registered on the website using the affiliate link

    • Task Progress

This card shows the task progress which is based on the order completion.

    • Total Profit

This card shows the total earning amount of the site.

    • Top Products with Sales count

You can see the top three selling product of the site here with their sales count.

    • Latest Sales

This graph displays the latest sales of the month.

    • Report

This report provides a detailed overview to site admins so that they can keep track of the commission to their affiliate customers and be able to pay their amount timely.

Step : 3 Payout to your Customers

Commission earned by the affiliate customers has to be paid by the site administrator. We have provided the feature to update the users payout so that they can remember how much amount has to be paid by the site admin to the affiliate customers and how much balance is left.

This can be done by navigating to Users > Edit User >


Updated user balance will also be reflected on respected customers My Account Page.

How Affiliate Program for WooCommerce is difference from other plugins

As we know that WordPress is a sea of plugins, Hence so many solutions are available for the Affiliate program too. So you obviously need to know the plus features of the plugins to purchase.

  • Pocket Friendly Price, All feature are in just $29
  • Easy to understand Configuration
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Regularly Updated to be compatible with the latest WooCommerce.
  • We are providing solid support to solve all of your problems.

Need More Information on Affiliate Program:


Please checkout the Affiliate Program Documentation 

Looking for more reasons to buy this affiliate program then talk to us: support@eplugins.org



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