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Why spend hundreds of dollars on an affiliate program when you can get an advanced affiliate program that is trusted by WooCommerce for only a few dollars?  With excellent accuracy, it is a user-friendly woocommerce affiliate plugin.

You’ve come to the right spot if you want to see rapid development in your business with an affordable affiliate marketing solution in your store. It contributes to more loyal consumers, faster traffic growth, and better income.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Advantages of Woocommerce Affiliate Program :

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways to advertise your products or services.
If you use WooCommerce, you are definitely in fortunate since Affiliate Management is no longer a difficult work for you with the correct plugin, such as Affiliate Program for WooCommerce. The more Affiliates you have, the larger the audience you can reach.

Here are some of the benefits of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program.

  1. Affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing and most cost-effective advertising approach.
  2. Affiliate programs may help you expand your business quickly and turn visitors into sales.
  3. Affiliate marketing might assist you in monetising your website visitors.
  4. WordPress affiliate marketing increases on-site engagement, which leads to increased income for the company.
  5. Affiliate programs can help your website gain more loyal clients.
  6. It makes it easier to build your business.

Affiliate Program is one of the most effective marketing options available in the WooCommerce store. It makes it easier to run a successful affiliate program for WooCommerce stores.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a clever and straightforward approach to generating income online through the promotion of products from other companies or brands. This strategy acts as a mutually beneficial arrangement where individuals, known as affiliates, promote your products on their own platforms, such as websites and blogs. In return for their promotional efforts, affiliates receive a modest commission for each successful sale that can be tracked and verified through affiliate links or codes.

This marketing technique has the potential to significantly boost your sales and revenue by tapping into the influence and reach of your affiliates’ audiences. By allowing them to share and endorse your products with their followers, you’re essentially extending your marketing efforts to new, targeted audiences.

As you embark on affiliate marketing within the framework of your WooCommerce-powered site, here are some straightforward steps to initiate this strategy effectively:

  1. Select a Trustworthy Affiliate Plugin: Begin by choosing a reliable and feature-rich affiliate plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store. This will facilitate the tracking of affiliate activities, commissions, and conversions.
  2. Define Attractive Commission Structures: Determine commission rates that not only motivate affiliates but also align with your product margins. Whether you opt for a percentage-based model or a fixed amount per sale, make sure it’s appealing to potential affiliates.
  3. Recruit Affiliates Strategically: Reach out to individuals or partners who align with your brand values and target audience. Affiliates who resonate with your products are more likely to promote them passionately and authentically.
  4. Provide Engaging Marketing Resources: Arm your affiliates with appealing marketing materials such as banners, product images, and promotional content. These resources will enable them to effectively showcase your products to their followers.
  5. Implement Clear Tracking Mechanisms: Ensure that each affiliate receives a unique tracking link or code to monitor their promotional efforts accurately. This tracking system is essential for attributing sales to specific affiliates and calculating commissions.
  6. Regularly Monitor and Communicate: Stay engaged with your affiliates by providing regular updates, sharing best practices, and addressing any queries they may have. Effective communication fosters a productive and collaborative relationship.
  7. Analyse and Optimize: Continuously review your affiliate program’s performance. Identify which affiliates are driving the most conversions and explore ways to enhance your program’s impact further.

By adopting these simple yet effective practices, you can embark on your affiliate marketing journey within the WooCommerce environment, tapping into the power of collaborative promotion, expanding your customer base, and increasing your sales volume.

Top Features :

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce comes packed with an array of top-tier features that empower businesses to harness the potential of affiliate marketing within the WooCommerce ecosystem. Here are the standout features that set this program apart:

  1. Enable or Disable Affiliate Programs with Ease: Quickly activate or deactivate affiliate programs for your business using a simple toggle. This provides you with control over when your affiliate program is active.
  2. Simplified Setup and Control: The process of setting up and managing the affiliate program is straightforward and user-friendly. This ensures that even non-technical users can easily navigate and utilize the system.
  3. Flexible Commission Types: Tailor your affiliate program to suit your business model by selecting the most suitable commission type. Whether it’s a percentage-based or flat rate fee, you can align it with your business strategy.
  4. Effortless Affiliate Compensation Updates: Empower affiliates to manage their compensation directly from their WordPress profiles. This convenient feature saves time and ensures that affiliates have control over their earnings.
  5. User Role-Based Affiliate Conversions: The system intelligently handles affiliate conversions based on user roles. This ensures that the affiliate commission attribution process is aligned with your business structure.
  6. Comprehensive Monitoring for Site Admins: Site administrators are equipped with a comprehensive reporting system. This allows them to monitor the activities and performance of their affiliates, enabling effective management.
  7. Social Media Link Distribution and Profit Tracking: Affiliates can seamlessly share their referral links across various social media networks. Additionally, they can track the profits generated through these efforts, providing transparency and motivation.
  8. Front-End Reporting for Affiliate Customers: A dedicated front-end report system is available for all affiliate customers. This feature enables affiliates to monitor their performance and track their earnings from their user interface.
  9. Easy Payout Function for Affiliates: Affiliates benefit from an Easy Payout function, enabling them to modify their commissions as needed. This feature ensures flexibility and control over their earnings.
  10. Continuous Customer Support and Updates: The program offers 24/7 customer service, ensuring that you have assistance whenever you need it. Ongoing updates and improvements further enhance the performance and features of the affiliate program.

In summary, the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce by ePlugins offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify and optimize the affiliate management process. From enabling or disabling programs with a single click to flexible commission options and user-friendly tools, this program empowers both site administrators and affiliates. The availability of reporting systems, payout functions, and dedicated customer support ensures a seamless experience and effective affiliate program management. 

Getting Started : A Simple Three-Step Approach

When considering the establishment of an Affiliate Program for your business, the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce emerges as the optimal and straightforward solution. This is due to its seamless integration with WooCommerce. To commence, just adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Begin the Process by Installing and Setting Up the Plugin

The initial step entails installing and activating the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce plugin. Upon successful activation, you’ll be automatically redirected to the plugin’s FAQ screen. This screen serves as a hub where you can access essential instructions, details about the plugin’s features, a link to the documentation, contact information, and additional pertinent resources.

Accessing plugin settings is incredibly straightforward – simply click on the conveniently located “Access Settings” button.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Additionally, you can locate the settings by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Affiliate.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Activate the Affiliate Program on your site with a simple action – just check the designated box.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Select an Affiliate Key Name and determine its Length based on your specific requirements.

Affiliate for WooCommerce

Affiliate Key name and its length are entirely contingent upon your website’s unique needs. These two parameters play a pivotal role in shaping the characteristics of your affiliate link. As demonstrated above, these parameters collectively influence the structure of your affiliate link, resulting in a format similar to the one provided.


Define the maximum number of orders eligible for affiliate commission.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Select the type of affiliate commission.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Pick the user roles that are eligible for affiliate commission.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Select the pages on which the customers will be redirected after clicking the affiliate link

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

You can also enable Social Sharing by navigating to WooCommerce > Affiliate > Social Sharing

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

In today’s digital landscape, the widespread use of social platforms makes them a prime avenue for gathering traffic and converting highly loyal customers. Leveraging these platforms can be a strategic move for businesses aiming to foster growth. Within the context of the Affiliate Program for WooCommerce, you have the opportunity to enable the social sharing feature, extending it to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, and WhatsApp. This capability holds the potential to significantly enhance revenue generation by capitalizing on the power of social connections and engagement.

Step 2 :  Track Affiliate with the detailed Report

At this point, you gain the ability to effortlessly track affiliates and access comprehensive reports. Site administrators are empowered to observe crucial details such as the affiliate’s name, earnings, total orders, and other essential metrics that are pivotal for effective monitoring.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Reporting Dashboard 

In this latest iteration of the plugin, a noteworthy addition is the Reporting Dashboard. This feature provides site administrators with a centralized hub to access and analyze all affiliate-related data for the website. With this dashboard, administrators can conveniently view a comprehensive overview of affiliate activities and performance, all consolidated within a single, easily accessible location.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Upon accessing this dashboard, you will gain access to the following data:

Total Orders: This card shows the number of orders made by the customers through the affiliate link.

Total Customers: This card shows the number of user registered on the website using the affiliate link

Task Progress: This card shows the task progress which is based on the order completion.

Total Profit: This card shows the total earning amount of the site.

Top Products with Sales count: You can see the top three selling product of the site here with their sales count.

Latest Sales: This graph displays the latest sales of the month.

Report: This report provides a detailed overview to site admins so that they can keep track of the commission to their affiliate customers and be able to pay their amount timely.

Step : 3 Payout to your Customers

The commission earned by affiliate customers requires oversight from the site administrator for payout. We’ve integrated a feature that facilitates the updating of user payouts. This feature serves as a convenient way for users to keep track of the amount that needs to be paid by the site administrator to affiliate customers. It also provides visibility into the remaining balance, ensuring transparency in financial transactions between the site admin and affiliate customers.

To accomplish this task, you can navigate to the “Users” section and select “Edit User.”

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce


Updated user balance will also be reflected on respected customers My Account Page.

Affiliate Program for WooCommerce



How is it’s different from other WordPress affiliate plugins?

Certainly! Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program by ePlugins:

1. Affordable Solution for Rapid Business Development:

This WooCommerce Affiliate Program offers an affordable yet highly effective solution for propelling your business forward. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform, making it a cost-efficient way to expand your business horizons. By leveraging this economical affiliate plugin, you open the door to accelerated business development without straining your budget.

2. Boost Sales and Elevate Revenue:

One of the standout benefits of this affiliate program is its ability to boost sales and enhance your revenue streams. By enlisting affiliates who are enthusiastic about your products, you empower them to recommend your offerings through their social media channels. As they drive traffic and referrals to your business, their efforts translate into more sales. This influx of customers, influenced by genuine recommendations, contributes to a notable increase in your overall revenue.

3. Trusted by WooCommerce for Excellent Accuracy and User-Friendly Automation:

When it comes to selecting an affiliate program, trust is paramount. The fact that this WooCommerce Affiliate Program is endorsed by WooCommerce itself speaks volumes about its quality and reliability. The advanced nature of this program ensures excellent accuracy in tracking and attributing commissions. Moreover, its user-friendly automation streamlines the entire affiliate process, making it convenient for both you and your affiliates to navigate and manage.

4. Rapid Development and Enhanced Business Growth:

Utilizing this affordable affiliate marketing solution within your WooCommerce store sets the stage for rapid business development. Beyond just sales, this program contributes to a holistic growth trajectory. The benefits extend to areas such as customer loyalty, traffic generation, and overall income improvement. The combination of loyal customers, increased website visitors, and higher revenue culminates in a substantial enhancement of your business’s overall performance.

In summary, the advantages of the WooCommerce Affiliate Program by eplugins offer a comprehensive package of benefits. It provides an economical path to business expansion, primarily through a boost in sales facilitated by affiliate-driven social media recommendations. The program’s recognition and endorsement by WooCommerce ensure accuracy and user-friendly operation. Ultimately, the rapid development and growth that result from adopting this affiliate marketing solution solidify its position as a strategic asset for businesses within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

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