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Affiliate Suite

Affiliate Suite for WooCommerce includes a suite of affiliate features that add a complete affiliate program to your site.

  • Motivate content creators—motivate content creators to promote your site through affiliate commissions
  • Improve traffic quality—content creators promote your site to people who need your products and services and improve the quality of traffic to your site
  • Increase conversions and revenue—increased traffic quality leads to increased conversions and revenue.
  • Marketing insights—analyze affiliate traffic to understand your customers and target future products, advertising, and marketing campaigns

Add a comprehensive affiliate program to your site with Affiliate Suite for WooCommerce.

How does Affiliate Suite work?

Application submission and approval

After you install and activate the plugin for the first time, a page for the Affiliate Application form automatically builds.

Affiliate Registration form

Affiliate Registration Form

After a user applies to be an affiliate, the site admin receives a notification by email. They can review the application, set the commission rate, and approve the application.

After admins approve an application, users receive notification of their approvals by email.

Affiliate promotion tools

The following promotion tools are available for affiliates on the Affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate link generator

Affiliate Suite creates unique affiliate links for each affiliate.

Affiliate Link Generator

Refer-a-Friend form

Affiliates can send Affiliate links to other users using the Refer-a-Friend form.

Refer a Friend Form


Affiliates can embed their affiliate links inside creatives.


Conversion using Affiliate Links

Once the user accesses the site using an affiliate link or code, creates an account, and completes a product purchase, they count as a referral for the affiliate.

Affiliate referrals via product purchases and account signups


Users receiving commissions

Admins must approve referral activity before Affiliate Suite adds any earning activity to an affiliate’s account as a commission.

Site admins can pay affiliates with the integrated PayPal Payouts API or built-in Wallet system. Admins can also manually export information about unpaid affiliates and make payments outside the site.


Site admins can review reports to gain insights into Affiliate activities on their sites.

Referrals reports

Referral Reports

Affiliates reports

Affiliate Reports

Payouts reports

Payout Reports

Visits reports

Visits Reports


Affiliate registration

  • Users can register as an Affiliate on the My Account page, Affiliate Signup form, and the Checkout page
  • Admins can mark users as affiliates in bulk using admin settings

Affiliate fees

Sites can charge users a fee to register as affiliates.

Referral codes

Affiliates can refer new users to sites using referral codes instead of affiliate links.


Affiliates can promote their affiliate links using creatives.

Refer-a-Friend form

Affiliates can refer new users directly to your site using the Refer-a-Friend form.

Product-based affiliate links

Admins can generate an affiliate link for specific products on the Affiliate Dashboard.

Affiliate-level product commissions

Set custom commission rates for each affiliate.

Checkout affiliate

Users will be able to select affiliates on the checkout page.

Slug modification

Affiliates will be able to modify their identification.

Readable URL affiliate links

Admins can create affiliate URLs as readable affiliate links.

Affiliate signup bonuses

When affiliates register, they can receive a bonus commission.

Product commissions

Affiliates can see the commission rates for configured products from their dashboards.

Referral order details

Affiliates can see order details of buyers (Order ID, Order Amount, Order Date, Customer Name, Customer Email, etc.).

Commission payouts

Admins can pay affiliate commissions directly from the site using the following methods:

  • PayPal Payouts
  • Affiliate Suite’s built-in wallet system

Payout requests

Affiliates can send payout requests to site admins.

Lifetime commission

Affiliates will receive commissions for a lifetime.


Admins can list top-performing affiliates on a leaderboard.

Privacy Controls

Option for the site admin to optionally display the following details about the customer to the Affiliates,

– Order ID

– Order Amount

– Order Date

– Customer Name

– Customer Email

– Customer Phone

– Customer Billing Address

– Customer Shipping Address

– Coupon Used

– Affiliate Commission

Email notifications

Users receive email notifications for all important affiliate activities.

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