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Age Verification Popup for WooCommerce

Display an age verification popup on all or specific products, cart, and checkout pages.

Customizable Age Verification Popups

If you sell tobacco, vape, medicines, fireworks, party poppers, or similar items, you are required to verify a customer’s age before they add products to their carts and make purchases.

WooCommerce Age Verification Popup extension enables you to restrict under-age customers and ensure legal compliance by only allowing customers with the minimum legal age to purchase. Display an attractive popup to verify age on the entire website or specific products, categories, cart, checkout, and other pages.

Customize popup text, color, and cookie time to remember age verification for a specific number of hours and days. Display age verification popups to guest users only or keep them active for logged-in users as well.

Multiple verification methods

The extension offers multiple methods to let customers verify their age. Which includes,

  • Age input
  • Select DOB
  • Checkbox
  • Enter to confirm ages

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Display on an entire store or selected pages

You can choose to display an age verification popup on an entire website or with specific products, categories, cart, checkout, and other pages. If you sell unrestricted and age-restricted products, this feature displays verifications popups only where needed.

Customize age verification popup

The extension offers extensive customization options to personalize verification popups.  Customize popup text, color, buttons, display position, and opacity. Please see the documentation for more details.

Customize cookie time and redirection links

From the general settings, you can customize the cookie time, that is, the number of hours or days to remember the visitors’ acceptance. When users hit the cancel button, you can redirect customers to a specific page or an external link.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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