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Ajax Instant Search

Provide a fast and effective live search bar to show relevant results as the customers type their query.

Add An Instant Search Bar to Improve Usability

Help customers find products quickly. Add the Ajax Instant Search extension for WooCommerce to your store. The Ajax Instant Search bar displays relevant results as customers type their queries. It saves them time, with no need to visit a search-results page to find products.

Display a category dropdown to let customers search for products in specific categories. Or, display the All/Products selection dropdown to let customers search the entire website or just products. Add an instant search bar anywhere on your website using the shortcode.

Customize the results-display-settings and switch between the native WooCommerce, WordPress, or custom search provided by the extension. To refine your search results, you can choose to search in specific product elements such as title, tags, excerpt, and product content.


  • Shortcode to add a search bar anywhere
  • Customization of headings, placeholders, and search-button text
  • Limit outcomes in search dropdowns
  • Choose to search only in products or include posts and pages
  • Display the Category and All/Products filter dropdown
  • Refine results by limiting searchable product elements
  • If the search in All is enabled, you can choose what to show first—products or posts and pages
  • Use the built-in plugin search engine, native WooCommerce, or WordPress search engine
  • Two instant search layout options
  • Display search box at full or default width
  • Display and customize “view all” and “no results” text
  • Choose to show and customize
    • Title-font size and color
    • Product thumbnails
    • The price label and font size
    • The add-to-cart button
    • A category and its font size
    • Excerpt and its font size
    • Display on-sale, featured, and out-of-stock badges
    • Customize badges, background, and text color

Fast Ajax-based Live Search

The extension provides you a shortcode to add a live search bar anywhere on your website. The extensive configuration options enable you to customize font size, color, template, show/hide product price, an add-to-cart button, excerpt, tags, thumbnails, and other display settings. Please see the documentation for more details.

Search filters

You can choose to enable the search-filters-dropdown to let your customers refine their search.

Category filter:

This filter allows customers to search within a specific product category.

All/Products filter:

This filter allows customers to search an entire store (products, pages, and posts) or only products. You can disable this filter from extension settings.

Three search engines

The extension offers three different search engines to produce your end-search results page. Enable any of the following:

  • Custom Plugin Search (option to display products and/or pages, and posts, on the search results page)
  • WordPress Search (displays both products, pages, and posts on the search results page)
  • WooCommerce Search (displays only products, pages, and posts on the search results page)

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