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M2E Multichannel Connect

Link your WooCommerce store to our e-commerce integration for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and manage your sales data across all channels in one place

  • Rapidly list products on multiple platforms
  • Automate order management
  • Easily update and maintain active product listings across platforms
  • Native integration with your chosen marketplaces
  • Instant inventory updates to avoid overselling
  • Elevate your sales strategies with in-depth, real-time analytics
  • Manage your platforms from a single interface

Powered by M2E, the M2E Multichannel Connect extension allows Woo store owners to integrate and synchronize their product catalogs with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. After installation, owners can manage all four platforms from the same interface. Woo store owners can also look forward to the addition of other ecommerce platforms to M2E Multichannel Connect in 2024.


  • M2E’s 17+ years of e-commerce experience supporting your business
  • Optimized support for multiple seller accounts and large product catalogs
  • Complete marketplace related data ownership within the M2E platform
  • Freedom to manage your Woo infrastructure to suit your company’s policy requirements
  • Personalized best practices for scaling operations
  •  Future-proof solutions through guaranteed marketplace updates to maintain compatibility
  • Support for and compatibility with important marketplace-native functionalities such as eBay Parts Compatibility, Guaranteed Delivery, Amazon FBA, B2B and VAT calculation services, and more.
  • Ongoing product development and continuous improvements
  • Expert help from dedicated customer support
  • White Glove service for brands

Get listed in 5 minutes

Add products from your Woo Store product catalog, choose the marketplaces where you wish to list them, and apply the correct templates in a few clicks.

Take control of every aspect of your inventory management

eBay, Amazon and Walmart inventory management can be challenging. M2E Multichannel Connect streamlines marketplace selling in real time. It ensures seamless synchronization of all listing-related updates between WooCommerce and online marketplaces. M2E Multichannel Connect eliminates the risks of running out of stock or having excess inventory.

Fully automated order management

Streamline your order processing with M2E’s automated workflow. Use built-in features to ship, invoice, cancel, and refund orders. M2E instantly sends all the changes to the relevant marketplace and informs your buyers about the status of their orders.

Apply your own selling rules

Create unique selling strategies that are best for your business by adjusting pricing and quantity rules in M2E. Deploy customized pricing strategies and engage your customers across multiple marketplaces.

Maintain active marketplace listings

Multichannel listing management is a critical aspect of e-commerce, especially when you’re dealing with platforms like eBay and Amazon. M2E simplifies the process by letting you handle your live marketplace listings based on Woo product data. No need to relist them and lose existing product rankings or order histories. M2E will keep everything intact, importing relevant info related to each listing.

Natively integrate with marketplaces of your choice

Connect your Woo store to eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Instantly reach millions of new shoppers globe. With support of most marketplace’s native features, you’ll have a stable and trouble-free selling experience.

Maximize your Amazon sales

Select your preferred repricing rules for products you sell on Amazon, and M2E Amazon Repricer will continuously optimize your pricing position in response to changes made by competing merchants. The solution considers multiple factors from Amazon algorithms, enhancing your chances of dominating the Featured Offer (formerly the Amazon Buy Box).

Elevate your sales strategy with in-depth real-time analytics

Access to real-time sales data is crucial for making timely decisions. M2E Analytics suite offers detailed marketplace-specific analytics for eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Be on top of your detailed listing reports and customer data directly from the M2E interface or from your mobile device on the go.

Native support for existing eBay, Amazon, and Walmart listings.

No need to re-list anything, M2E can simply map your online marketplace listings to your Woo product catalog.

Supported marketplaces

Amazon: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, The UAE, The United Kingdom, and The United States

eBay: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The Philippines, The United Kingdom, and The United States

Walmart: The United States

With additional marketplaces coming in 2024!

About Sales Channels and M2E

M2E Multichannel Connect was created by M2E. M2E are the original developers of the legendary M2E Pro. Since 2009, M2E Pro has had 300,000+ installs and facilitated a whopping $20B+ in sales across eBay, Amazon and Walmart.

M2E Multichannel Connect is based on the native M2E Pro technology stack (5th generation). It is a fully automated and highly customizable solution that allows merchants of any size to conduct their entire business from a single, powerful interface.

M2E Multichannel Connect is also available in German, Italian and Spanish

M2E is honored to be:

Get started

To get started with M2E Multichannel Connect, simply deploy our solution into your Woo system using the installation guide. There is a 30-day free trial available and when your trial period is over, you can choose from one of the available subscription plans.

Visit the FAQ page for more information or contact our friendly support team

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