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Assign Orders

Control who can access and edit customer orders with manual or automatic assignment rules.

  • Scale up your store’s order management. Delegate order processing to your team.
  • Tighten data access control. Make sure your team can only access the customer orders assigned to them.
  • Streamline your order processing workflow. Assign orders automatically.

The Assign Orders extension allows you to assign customer orders to specific members of your team. Control access to orders and assign orders automatically using rules you define.

Manual assignment

Manually assign orders to a specific member of your order management team.

Automatic assignment

Rules can be defined so that new customer orders will be automatically assigned to the right admin user for processing, based on the conditions you set. Combine different conditions based on key order properties such as which customer placed the order, which products have been ordered, or what the total value of the order is.

By setting rules based on order status, you can automatically reassign the same order to different people as it moves through your order processing workflow.

Email notifications

When an order gets assigned, either manually or automatically, an email notification is automatically triggered to let users know an order is awaiting their attention..

Control access

Keep customer data protected by limiting your team’s access to customer orders, so they can only view and edit the orders they have been assigned. They will see a customised view of just the orders assigned to them.

Store owners can control who has the power to reassign orders by granting WordPress capabilities.

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