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Assorted Products for WooCommerce

Empower your customers to create product bundles—gift boxes of their choice comprising items from your shop.

Assorted Products is a WooCommerce plugin that enables the creation of product bundles. These bundles can include specific products or product categories, or any product in a shop. Customers can customize bundles according to their needs, and administrators can also use the plugin to offer bulk discounts.

Features of Assorted Products

  • Allows customers to create the bundles of their choice.
  • Supports three types of pricing.
  • Compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions to collect the recurring payments.
  • Enables the setting of minimum and maximum product limits per bundle.
  • Filters potential bundle items by text-field search or by product category, functions that can be enabled or disabled.
  • Sets per-page product viewing limit.
  • Offers multiple columns for grid view of products.
  • Allows customers to add a gift message or other information to a bundle order.
  • Allows changing of front-end text labels from plugin’s default settings.
  • Supports “load more” pagination with Ajax.
  • Fully responsive and easy to set up.

Compatibility With WooCommerce Subscriptions

Assorted Products For WooCommerce is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to collect the recurring payments for the subscribed assorted bundles. The admin can empower the customers to subscribe for the self created assorted bundles as well as the customers can change the items of the subscribed bundle at any time after the subscription.

Front-End View of Assorted Products

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