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Attribute Stock Manager

Simultaneously track the inventory of products, variations, and their attributes.

  • Manage stock at the attribute level
  • Share stock across products and variations
  • Track inventory of products and attributes for simple products, variable products, simple subscriptions, and variable subscriptions
  • Customize for your Woo store
  • Works for members and guests

Who needs Attribute Stock Manager for WooCommerce?

If you sell product variations with shared elements, parts, or ingredients (attributes) you will benefit from simultaneously tracking the inventory of products and their attributes.

For example, a t-shirt seller who prints various designs on plain t-shirts needs to know how many plain t-shirts they have in inventory. Their stock of plain t-shirts decreases as they print and fulfill customers’ orders for printed designs.

The seller needs to track sales of the variations (assorted printed designs) and the plain t-shirts that designs are printed on (attributes).

Attribute Stock Manager for WooCommerce gives sellers the ability to track the stock of products and their related attributes.


Better inventory management

You can easily manage the inventory of products and variations that require inventory sharing.

Increase purchases and prevent backorders and out-of-stock issues

Generally, when a product or variant is out of stock in a particular size, the user will wait until that exact item is available again to purchase. When inventory syncs between products, the users can see what else is available and purchase from all available products associated with the global inventory.

How does it work?

Stock sharing across variations

Once admins configure stocks and attribute stocks, the extension will be ready for use. All the variations associated with the attribute will share the same global inventory.

For example

You sell ground coffee and fill your coffee-powder orders from the same central supply of coffee powder (the attribute). With each order of any size, you diminish the total supply of coffee powder.

When a variant is purchased (for example, 250 grams of coffee), the purchased inventory updates the attribute inventory. Customers see the change across all the variations that share the inventory.

Stock sharing across products

Once admins configure the stocks and attribute stocks, the extension is ready to use. All the products associated with the attribute will share the same global inventory.

With each product purchase, the stock will update the attribute inventory. The change will also reflect across all products sharing the inventory.

If a user tries to purchase products beyond the available inventory, Attribute Stock Manager will prevent them from over-purchasing and show them the quantity available.

Attribute Stock Manager for WooCommerce prevents overselling and encourages customers to purchase available inventory instead of waiting for an out-of-stock product.

By tracking attribute inventory, Attribute Stock Manager relieves stress on store owners and increases customer satisfaction.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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