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Build a Music Marketplace

With the WooCommerce audio player plugin, your store can play and sell audio files. The user-friendly interface allows shoppers to listen to or download files.

Your store can offer music, podcasts, educational, or instructional content. You can sell individual audio files or bundles.

The plugin supports these audio files: .MP3, .MP4A, .WAV, .OGG, and .AAC.

The plugin includes a customizable music player. Your customers can enjoy your audio files, see the names of the tracks they are listening to, and download files they love.


  • Creates a music marketplace
  • Engages users with audio streaming
  • Stores can offer audio files for sale and download
  • Admins can add a customized audio player to your store
  • You can modify the audio player’s theme, bar, and buttons
  • Admins can create playlists when they upload multiple audio files
  • Admins can customize file names, thumbnails, and popup button texts
  • Supports multiple audio file formats

Boost sales with downloadable audio files

Upload a variety of audio files to boost store revenues, including music, podcasts, instructions, or lessons with the WooCommerce music player plugin.

Music Player for WooCommerce - Backend settings

Turn your website into a music marketplace

Music artists, podcasters, vocalists, voice-over artists, instrumental brands, and other artists can turn their simple websites into audio marketplaces by allowing their fans to listen to and download audio tracks.

Music Player for WooCommerce - Listen audio button

Add a music player for audio streaming

Thumbnails for audio files include a music player to encourage audio streaming. Users can hear a track before they download it. They can play tracks, pause, stop, or move to the next or previous track on the list.

Music Player for WooCommerce - Audio player on shop page

Upload multiple audio files with Audio Player

The music player for WooCommerce allows you to upload multiple audio files to create playlists and sell a list of tracks as a group. A breadcrumb-like button allows users to view all items on a list.

Music Player for WooCommerce - List audio files

Customize file details to attract customers

Attract users to your audio files by choosing dynamic names for your tracks and attractive images for thumbnails.

Music Player for WooCommerce - Settings from product page

Modify the appearance of the music player’s display

You can customize the colors of elements of the music player, including themes, bars, and buttons.

Music Player for WooCommerce


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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