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B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce

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B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce

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The B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce plugin is a versatile and easy-to-use Request a Quote plugin developed for B2B stores powered by WooCommerce.

The plugin allows you, the store owner, to show or hide both the Add to Cart and the Add to RFQ buttons for specific products on your eCommerce store. By removing the Add to Cart button, for example, you provide purchasers on your store with the option of requesting a quote for a particular product. 

Additionally, there are other features that make this product really versatile. Let’s look at each of them. 

Request for Quote

By activating the Request for Quote button on your store products, you allow users to negotiate with you over the price of the product until both of you reach an agreement. 

Users can initiate this process by clicking on the Add to RFQ button and sending a quote request message to you, the owner of the site.

Customized RFQ Page

Instead of cart, customer will get redirect to RFQ page where customer will will asked to submit all the essential details in order to submit the RFQ. 

Multi-Level Control

In your dashboard, you can disable or enable the Add to Cart or RFQ buttons for any particular product or product category. By going into the products category, you can enable or disable the RFQ for a certain product. 


Similar to enabling or disabling Add to Cart and RFQ for a particular product or product category, you can also enable or disable them at the global level as well. In Global RFQ Settings, you can set the status of the buttons at “store level.” 

RFQ Management

On back-end admin can mange RFQ from the menu item easily and smoothly from the list of submitted RFQ. Admin can view and edit the price they want for each item in RFQ. Customer and Admin also have the ability to communicate through this plugin. They can send receive the message submitted RFQ item separately.

When a price is agreed on, the quote is sent back to the customer and the plugin gives them the option of accepting, rejecting, or requesting further revisions of the product. 


Email Notifications

The plugin will alert both the site owner and the customer for any particular action or event and will send an email that looks like this:

When a customer sends a quote request after logging in, they will receive the following email:

Upon processing the quote, the customer will receive the following message:

Email notifications for comments will look like this:

When a new order is placed on a store, the New Order quote request looks like this:

 Quote Statuses & Notifications:

There are multiple statues this plugin have and for each status change, the email notification will be triggered to concerned party. 

Here is the workflow for each status:
1- When a customer submits a RFQ, the initial status will be Requested
2- Now after admin review and submission of quotation, the status will get changed to Quoted
3- Now It’s upto customer to decide with three status to select the action(Statues). They can accept the quote which will change the status to  Accepted
4- They can also request for revision and this will change the RFQ status Need Revision
5- Otherwise customer can also reject the status and it will get changed to Rejected

The status change notification email will looks like this:



“Has Terms” Payment Options

The plugin provides a variety of options for payment terms, including Cash on Delivery (CoD) and PayPal. Perhaps the most notable feature within the term payments is the “Has Terms” option. 

If your B2B buyers purchase products on payment terms, the “Has Terms” checkbox allows you to set term payment options for them globally.

Note: If you have a specific user base that you cater to on a term payment basis, the Has Terms functionality, while being global, can be also edited to target these users. 

For more information on the product, visit our documentation section. 


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