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Before / After Product Compare Slider

Display an interactive before and after comparison image and show off your product’s effects with the Before / After Product Compare Slider plugin for WooCommerce.

Display an Interactive Before and After Product Image

Eager to show off your products’ fantastic effects? Use the Before / After Product Compare Slider plugin for WooCommerce to display before and after images with a dynamic image slider. The plugin works on single product pages with a dividing line between the before and after images. When users slide past the dividing line in either direction, they see the before or after image. The Before / After Product Compare Slider works horizontally and vertically.

If you have a product or service that transforms things, give shoppers an interactive opportunity to see its benefits. For instance, if you sell skincare or cosmetics, you can share images of a face before and after a shopper uses the product. A shop that sells chalk paint could show a vintage piece of furniture before and after it’s painted and upcycled. Having an interactive slider engages shoppers and makes the process fun.



  • A new way to display before and after product results
  • Easy image upload functions
  • Custom styling options to fit any theme
  • Customize label colors and backgrounds
  • Enable or disable image overlays
  • Add alt tags to the before and after images to improve SEO


Before / After Product Slider is built by WPExtend—experienced WooCommerce extension developers.

Trust us to provide high-quality code backed by first-class support.


Requires WooCommerce 4.0+ to access settings and features.

Minimum PHP version: 7.4

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