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Best Sellers for WooCommerce

Developed by FantasticPlugins
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Best Sellers for WooCommerce

Developed by FantasticPlugins

Sell more of the items your customers love most: display all your best selling products on a separate page, and add rankings to single product pages to show shoppers the product’s rank along with a link to the top sellers in that category.


  • Works with simple and variable products.
  • Creates a separate page for displaying best sellers, so you have a handy link to use in email and social media marketing.
  • Customize the number of products displayed on the best sellers page.
  • Decide whether to calculate best sellers based on total item numbers, total sales, or total item number/sales during a particular time period.
  • Add a Best Seller badge and sale to the single product page of your #1 seller, and choose from multiple styles.
  • Translation-ready.

What will shoppers see?

All your products will be sorted based on their sales count or sales value. The products will be also be assigned a rank, which displays on the Best Sellers page.

When the shopper visits the single product page of the top-ranked Best Seller, they’ll see a Best Seller badge, a Best Seller seal, the product’s rank, and a link to the top products in that category:

On the pages of Best Sellers ranked #2 or greater, shoppers will see the product’s rank and the link to other top products in that category:

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