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Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce

Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce helps you to send coupons to users for their birthday which can be used to receive discounts on purchases.

Treat Your Customers on Their Special Day

Send special discounts to customers on their birthday.


  • Works for Members and Guests
  • Birthday Coupons can be sent before, after, or on birthday date
  • Option for the logged-in users to unsubscribe from Birthday Coupon emails
  • Option to set birthday coupon field as mandatory
  • Display available active birthday coupon(s) on cart page
  • Option to automatically apply active birthday coupon to the cart
  • Create unlimited rules for birthday coupon
  • Option to restrict the birthday coupon to award the users only once
  • Option to restrict users or user roles from receiving birthday coupon
  • Option to restrict the birthday coupon usage to specific products
  • Set minimum cart total for birthday coupon Usage
  • Set maximum cart total for birthday coupon Usage
  • Option to issue coupon based on users purchase history(Number of order placed or Amount spent in site)
  • Set percentage or fixed discount for birthday coupon
  • Set Coupon expiry time in day’s value
  • Site admin can track birthday coupons in a separate post table


Increase Trust and Loyalty

Offering coupons to your users on their birthday can increase their trust in your site and brand.

Additional Revenue

You can earn additional revenue when your customers make purchases using the issued birthday coupons.

Attracts New Customers

Loyal customers often refer your site to their friends and relatives which can bring more sales to your site.

How it works?

Birthday Coupon Field for Guest Users on Signup Page

  • For a guest user, the field to enter the Birthday Date will be available on the signup form.
  • The user can enter their Birthday Date to receive a coupon.
Birthday selector on account signup form

Birthday Coupon Field for Logged-in Users on Checkout Page

  • A Logged-in user adds few products to the cart and proceeds to the checkout page.
  • On the checkout page, a field to enter the birthday date will be available.
  • The user can enter their birthday date to receive a coupon.
Birthday selector on checkout page

User Receives a Coupon for Their Birthday

  • Birthday Coupons can be sent to the users at the following times,
    • On the Birthday Date
    • Before the Birthday Date
    • After the Birthday Date
  • The user will receive a coupon via email. The email will have details about the coupon code.
Birthday Coupon Email
  • The user can use the coupon to receive a discount on the site.
Coupon Applied to the Cart


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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