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Birthday Discount Coupon

Send automated birthday emails to your customers and attach discount coupons to increase organic sales.

Research conducted by Experian found that birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate and 342% higher revenue rate than other promotional emails. Birthday Discount Coupon for WooCommerce is a perfect opportunity for merchants to connect with their customers, send them personalized wishes, and make their birthday special.

The extension enables merchants to send customers automatic emails with discount codes on their birthdays. To gather birthday information from new customers, you can add a designated field on your registration and checkout pages. For existing customers, you can include the birthday field on the My Account pages; once filled, the field will no longer be editable.


  • Automatically send birthday emails to customers 
  • Collect customer birthdates by adding a field on:
    • Registration
    • My Account
    • Checkout
  • Customize data label
  • Make the birthdate field optional or mandatory
  • Insert the number of days before the birthday to schedule emails
  • Customize the birthday email content
  • Choose discount as a percentage or fixed cart/product 
  • Customize coupon discount amount and code length
  • Add coupon prefix and insert validity
  • Add coupon expiry date format
  • Add minimum and maximum purchase limit
  • Exclude or include coupons on sale items
  • Exclude or include certain products/categories 
  • Allow or restrict free shipping 
  • Select specific user roles to restrict birthday emails 
  • Restrict coupon usage (coupon works if the same email is linked with the account)

woocommerce birthday discount coupon

Why Send Birthday Emails?

Birthday emails create a sense of exclusivity and promote customer loyalty. This, in turn, expands your fan base and helps increase sales. It has been seen that most marketing emails receive a conversion rate of 0.18%, while birthday emails receive an 11.6% conversion rate, indicating the power of a simple birthday email.

woocommerce birthday coupon emails

Collect Customer Birthdates to Automate Emails

To collect the birthdates of all your customers, you can insert a birthday field on different pages of your site.  Woocommerce birthday discount coupon extension lets you add fields to ensure you have the data to automate birthday emails and target multiple customer groups. A birthday field can be added to these pages:

  • Registration Page
  • Checkout Page
  • My Account Page

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Customize & Automate Birthday Emails

Freely customize the content & subject of birthday emails and choose when these emails should be sent. Perform the following steps to get started:

  • Schedule emails by inserting the number of days before birthdate
  • Insert subject, heading, content & images into birthday emails
  • Use shortcodes to add information like coupon code, coupon expiry, products/categories allowed, store URL, and user name

woocommerce birthday discount coupon

Apply Limitations for Certain Products or Categories

The Birthday Discount Coupon extension gives you the freedom to choose which products and categories are discounted and which are not. To restrict discounts, you can choose from the following settings: 

  • Include or exclude certain products or categories 
  • Select user roles to restrict emails 
  • Enable restriction on coupon usage (the same email should be linked with the account for the coupon to work)

woocommerce birthday discount coupon

Adjust Purchase Limits & Customize Discount Coupons

Customize birthday coupons, enter desired discount amounts, and control where the coupons are applied with the Birthday Discount Coupon extension. Adjust coupons through the following settings: 

  • Apply discount as a percentage, fixed cart, or fixed product 
  • Enter the discount amount, coupon code length, and prefix
  • Insert coupon validity and add expiry date format
  • Add min/max purchase limit
  • Allow or restrict free shipping
  • Include or exclude coupons on sale items

woocommerce birthday discount coupon

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