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Boson for WooCommerce

Connects WooCommerce to Boson Protocol to super-power your site with decentralized web3 commerce using Redeemable NFTs.

  • Sell physical products as NFTs on your WooCommerce store
  • Enable redemption of NFTs on your WooCommerce store

What is Boson for WooCommerce?

Boson for WooCommerce enables creators and brands to sell physical products as NFTs, directly on your WooCommerce website. In a few clicks, with our no code extension you can elevate your website by enabling redemption—no matter where your Redeemable NFTs are sold.

If you already have a WooCommerce store, you have the added advantage of synchronizing your Boson offers and redeemed exchanges with your existing operational flows. The extension integrates seamlessly with order management and fulfillment.


  • Add Web3 functionality to your domain for redemption

Wherever you decide to sell redeemable NFTs, keep your existing domain for redemption, turning your website into a Web3 community hub.

  • Design a redemption experience that is true to your brand

The no code extension automatically creates the basis to drive redemption on your own domain. And you can customize the experience, so it stays true to your brand and NFT drops.

  • Continue managing commerce operations within WooCommerce

Easy integration into your order and fulfillment flows, makes the management of rNFTs like any other product.

  • Drive traffic back to your website, retain your customers

Regardless of where your customers buy, driving redemption back on your own domain allows you to grow traffic, retain your buyers, and introduce new Web3 loyalty programs.

How it works: Four easy steps

  1. Create a seller account and offers on Boson
  2. Install the extension and connect your Boson seller account
  3. Design and customize your redemption page
  4. Manage orders and fulfillment like any other product

More about Boson

Boson Protocol enables the tokenization, transfer and trade of any physical thing as a redeemable NFT. Our no-code, low-cost tools make it easy to start decentralized Web3 Commerce.

With Boson you can tokenize and sell physical products as NFTs everywhere, including your own decentralized Web3 Commerce site, through in-game stores, via point-of-sale kiosks, and on NFT marketplaces. Redemption can be integrated into your own website, giving your brand full control of the customer experience.


rNFT: Boson Protocol’s NFTs (rNFTs) are redeemable for off-chain items and represent a bridge between the isolated blockchain and physical worlds. 

Commit: By committing to an Offer, the buyer receives a Redeemable NFT (rNFT) that can be traded and ultimately redeemed for the real-world item it represents.

Redemption: By redeeming the rNFT, the buyer requests the item to be delivered, specifies the delivery information and the rNFT is consumed (burned).

NFT Drop: An NFT Drop is the launch of unique digital tokens, like redeemable NFTs, which can be exchanged for physical items, creating a bridge between digital ownership and tangible goods.

Boson seller account: Each seller has an account defined on Boson Protocol that manages the offered items and communicates with buyers.

Redemption page: The website where the buyer can redeem the rNFT for the physical item that they previously committed to.

Web3 community hub: A Web3 Community Hub is a website where members of a web3 community engage with each other and a brand, leveraging blockchain technology for governance, token incentives, and NFT interactions, fostering a collaborative and interactive ecosystem.

How to integrate Boson for WooCommerce

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